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Interview with Vanao (@ElekingVanao), at EVO 2019

Interview with Vanao (@ElekingVanao), at EVO 2019

We had the opportunity to speak with Welplayed pro gamer Vanao ( @ElekingVanao ) at EVO2019, the biggest tournament in fighting games, held for 3 days from August 2, 2019!

Vanao previously participated in our streaming event during Humanbomb's visit to Japan in Hong Kong.

WP|Interview with Vanao!

Tell us about your gaming history.

I have been playing games for 20 years, but fighting games for about 15 years.

What is your motivation for this year's EVO?

(This interview was conducted before the second day of the tournament.)

I was able to get out of the first day as a winner, but if I continue to do well, I'll be facing four consecutive Capcom Cup champions, so I'm fired up whether I like it or not!

A spirited Vanao tweeted on the second day.

T: I think that an overseas expedition is a hurdle for those who are not used to it. Please tell us about your preparation and what you are doing to get ready for it.

Preparation is the key. The trip to the U.S. is long and there is a time difference, so I try to get in early to familiarize myself with the environment and prepare myself. I arrived in the U.S. two days before the first day of the competition.

While many players arrive on the day of the event or the day before, Vanao arrives two days prior to the event to get in shape.
This kind of physical consideration is no different between regular physical sports and e-sports.

When I traveled before, my tooth that was being treated began to ache suddenly on the plane (due to the air pressure), so I make sure to always have Loxonin on hand.

I also try not to eat or drink anything before a game. I try not to eat or drink too much before a match.

(*Editor: This happens even if you are used to traveling! Unlike Japan, which has soft water, the U.S. has hard water, and I myself was sick to my stomach for the first week or so...)

I think there are language and procedural issues, but at a tournament like this, there are many people to share information with.

Tatsuya: What are your goals as an athlete?

We are aiming for a style of play that acts in a non-probabilistic way.

Even though it may look occult to the onlooker, behind the scenes he has actually built up his own theories, and his style of play is such that he acts digitally.

What I feel when I participate in international tournaments like this is that "the game is a tool for communication, and language doesn't matter when you sit down at the table."

Editorial Summary

Looking around the venue, I strongly felt that games transcend language.

I saw players from different countries playing against each other everywhere, and they were conversing with each other through play regardless of language.
I think this is one of the charms of international tournaments.

WP|Vanao Player Profile

An old master who made a name for himself as a Ryu player in STREET FIGHTER III 3rd STRIKE. He is also a "Red Bull Tower of Pride" BEST 8 player in "Street Fighter V".

He has also shown his competitive skills by defeating strong players at EVO2018.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElekingVanao

ヴァナヲ | Well Played
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