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    1.personal information kept
    you with respect to the use of personal information , there is no doing without the disclosure and use agreement .
    officials as well as used only for our purposes , make sure in advance intention confirmation.

    2. respect of personal information management
    leakage , and loss , prejudice of your deposit and important personal information , to perform the necessary measures in order to prevent unauthorized access , etc. , appropriate We will manage .
    also , I will coach to perform the appropriate management with respect to the handling of personal information to contractors when carrying out the information disclosed in commission officials , and the like.

    our respect to the handling of personal information , you may want to use the personal information you have entrusted to us for the following purposes .

    - In addition to guidance
    above purposes related to guidance
    · Post that has been information of the information about this site there is a possibility to perform the use of personal information, but the case is always personal information be sure to convey the purpose and reason to deal , make the use of on consent .

    4. with respect to stop the correction and use of personal information with respect to correction , suspension of
    personal information , please contact the department .
    we will respond promptly with a predetermined procedure .

    5. with respect to handling change of personal information
    order to use take the important personal information , we will strive to improve review this policy as necessary .
    Also , we will be allowed to publish on the website when you revise this policy in accordance with the laws and regulations of the changes and the like so Please confirm .