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About Us

Saiga NAK is engaged in esports related media management, event organization, distribution planning, sponsorship, and other activities for the development of esports and the gaming industry in general.

Activities as a News Media

As part of Saiga NAK's esports project, Saiga NAK has been launched as an esports and gaming media outlet.
Originally, we had a high degree of freedom to publish information about the games we liked, but we have become well known to many people through our high quality coverage articles that only Saiga NAK can provide, and our active participation in events that other companies do not cover.

Recently, we have also been actively covering cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT and metaverse, VR, and VTuber.

Although Saiga NAK is not yet well known, we have partnered with many news apps/news aggregations to bring Saiga NAK content to a large number of users.

Especially in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, we distribute to news apps that boast an overwhelming number of local users.

English Version Partners

Traditional Chinese Version Partners

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In addition to providing information as news media, we also offer photographs taken in the process of content creation to publishers and companies.
Please feel free to contact us for creative projects such as website production and event planning and management.

Company Name Fangrandia Limited

7/F K11 Atelier Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

URL https://fangrandia.com/
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