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Terms of Use

Saiga NAK Rule

This is the official Terms of Use agreement ("Agreement") for saiganak.com ("Site","we","us"or"our"). The terms of use regarding your use of the Site constitute a legally binding agreement between you and the Site. These Terms and Conditions and shall apply to any relationship between those who want to and Saiga NAK, browsing and use profile register this Site. Please read these terms of use carefully before using our services. This Site shall not be used without consenting to these conditions.
Last modified: February 25, 2019.

Art.1 Prohibited Matters

  1. The following activities are strictly prohibited with the use of this Site.
  2. Any activities that violate copyright, portrait rights and personal privacy of third parties.
  3. Any activities against the public order and morality.
  4. Activities of providing us the false information to use our services.
  5. Any activities of violating personal information such as using email addresses or names of third parties without a permission.
  6. Any activities that violate the laws and regulations.

Art.2 Copyrights and Fair Use

  1. All the information and copyrighted works including images, compositions submitted by our users are considered as our property once they are submitted and we have rights to modify, copy, distribute or use them freely on our websites and under names of the third party.

About Publishing the Information

  1. Saiga NAK has the right to modify and delete the published information of the party under the following circumstances.
  2. When the privacy, copyright, or portrait right of the Site or third parties is violated.
  3. When the information against the public order and morality.
  4. When the information against our publication standards.
  5. When the information against any other laws and ordinances. When the information is considered as it has a possibility to violate the laws and ordinances.

Art.4 Modification of Registration

  1. All Users have the duty of contacting us immediately when any change on registration information occurs. In a case, if any damage or loss occur because of the neglect of the duty, Saiga NAK is not responsible for any damage and loss.
    The Saiga NAK has the right to stop providing the Users information, or deleting information without notice in a case we spot false registration information.

Art.5 Disclaimer

  1. The site has no responsibility for the accuracy of the information we provide on our mediums.
  2. If any dispute occurs between the Users or the third parties based on our services and information, the Site is not responsible for any dispute resolutions. The Users is responsible for all the expenses and dispute resolution without us if any dispute occurs.
  3. The Site is not responsible for any data loss or damage the User provided to us.
  4. All the Users are responsible for reading carefully and understanding our Term of Use, and the Site is not responsible for any loss or disadvantages of any sort that the User may incur from dealing with any third party.

Art.6 Compensation for Damages

  1. All Users are responsible for compensation for any damage and loss the User causes to our Site or any third party directly or indirectly by using our services.

Art.7 Modification of the Terms of Use

  1. The Terms of Use of this Site may be modified and made changes without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever. This Terms of Use Agreement was last modified on the date indicated above and is effective immediately. Your continued use of this Site after any changes to this Term of Use are posted will be considered acceptance of those changes.

Art.8 Applicable Law

  1. This company regulation, our services and the agreements are based on and ruled by Hong Kong Applicable laws.

Art.9 Court with Jurisdiction

  1. If any dispute occurs between our services or our agreements and the users, the Hong Kong Court will be used as the competent court for dispute resolution.

All the issues and problems will be resolved pursuant to our Japanese Terms of Use.