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Coca-Cola energy drinks are here! How is the taste?

Coca-Cola energy drinks are here! How is the taste?

Coca-Cola Energy, the long-awaited energy drink from the Coca-Cola brand sold by Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, went on sale on July 1.

Prior to the launch, a limited quantity of the drink was distributed at the "MonSt Grand Prix 2019 Asia Championship" held on June 20, and the company is actively approaching the e-sports community.

ENERGY DRINK has a strong affinity for e-sports.

To test the potential of Coca-Cola Energy, we at Fangler Games had a quick drink!

The energetic red top surface is distinctive.

Coca-Cola Energy
Coca-Cola Energy top surface
Saiga NAK編集部

The bottle design is inspired by the image of propagation, and even the top surface is colored red to make you feel uplifted even before you drink it!

It is an excellent design that identifies it as both a Coca-Cola and an energy drink at a glance.

What is the flavor I'm interested in? How is it different from Red Bull Cola?

Coca-Cola Energy and Red Bull Cola
Saiga NAK編集部

The most interesting thing about the drink is the taste.

Is it a cola or an energy drink? I'd like to find out!

Let's drink Red Bull Cola together as a comparison!

When you open the can, you'll find the unique aroma of an energy drink that won't make you go .........!

Energy drinks have such a distinctive aroma that you can tell by the smell that someone is nearby who is drinking it, right?

There is almost no scent!

I am not a big fan of that aroma, so this is a very welcome point.

Surprisingly low sweetness. Easy drinking energy drink!

The taste is also very easy to drink, with no energy drink-like taste and moderate sweetness!

It tastes more like a cola than an energy drink.

There is a faint chemical taste in the aftertaste, but if you drink it without being conscious of it, it is just ordinary Coca-Cola.

I think it is easy to drink even for those who do not like Red Bull or Monster.

On the contrary, Red Bull Cola smells and tastes more like an energy drink!

Symmetrically to the modest Coca-Cola Energy, it has a strong taste of caramel syrup.

The carbonation is also strong and quite guttural. This is for people who love energy drinks!

What is the caffeine and other ingredient content?

Coca-Cola Energy contains 80 mg of caffeine per bottle.

Although not stated on the can, Red Bull Cola also has 32 mg per 100 ml, so there seems to be no difference in caffeine content.

Cola Energy also contains guarana extract and vitamin B6, so is it for those who are concerned about nutrition?

Kohli, from the U.S. praises it!
Saiga NAK編集部

How was it? *Kohlo who from the U.S. praises about it!

Personally, I thought Coca-Cola Energy was the way to go if you're going to drink it while playing games, given that it's not too sweet, easy to drink, and provides enough caffeine to keep you going!

We'll see if it takes hold or fades away... we'll just have to wait and see!

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