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"Keba Energy Drink 500" has been renewed! More perfection up!


In today's energy drink warring age, numerous manufacturers offer energy drinks in a variety of flavors.
Among them, the most popular nowadays are large-capacity products such as 500 ml.
While some people prefer to drink a small amount of energy drink as if it were a nutritional drink, it is thought that the number of people who drink energy drinks slowly over a long period of time is increasing.
Many manufacturers sell large-capacity energy drinks, but the pioneer in Japan is the Japanese-made energy drink "Keeva," which is well known for its concept of "taking a different path from others.
Keeva Energy Drink 500", the flagship product of "Keeva", a challenging manufacturer that has released many flavors, various capacities, and even an alcoholic product, "Keeva Energy Vodka", has been renewed! Keeva Energy Drink 500" has been renewed!

乳酸菌成分配合!250mlサイズ「キーバ ヨーグリティエナジー」を飲んでみた!

The new Khyber Energy Drink 500 has been updated to a higher level of perfection!

Renewal of "Kieva Energy Drink 500

The new Keeva Energy Drink 500 is the flagship product of Keeva, a challenging manufacturer. The new Keeva Energy Drink 500 is the symbolic product of Keeva.
This product was also introduced at Saiga NAK as " KiiVA ENERGY DRINK HYDRATION.
It is a product that is "the energy drink" in the good sense of the word, and is great enough that you can drink 500ml of it without getting tired of it, but the flavors and packaging have been updated to make it a more complete product!
You won't know how it's changed until you try it, so when you see the new Keeva Energy Drink 500, grab it immediately!
To celebrate the renewal, the official Kiiva Twitter(@kiiva555 ) is running a giveaway campaign.
Three winners will be selected by lottery from among those who apply, and three winners will receive a case of Kiiva Energy Drink 500, and100 win ners will receive three bottles of Kiiva Energy Drink 500, for a total of 103 winners!
To enter, simply follow the official Kiiva Twitter (@kiiva555) and retweet the campaign tweet!
We're so happy just to win, but we'll be so happy to win a case of Kiiva that we'll start dancing.
Don't miss your chance to win a case of the renewed "Kiiva Energy Drink 500"!
The deadline is Sunday, November 14, 2021, so retweet now!


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