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From April Fool's Joke to Reality: Razer's New Energy Drink

From April Fool's Joke to Reality: Razer's New Energy Drink

Popular gaming hardware maker Razer has realeased a surprising new product: an energy drink called Respawn.
Razer is claiming it's "made for gamers, by gamers," but does that really make it different from any other energy drink?

The "Project Venom" April Fool's Joke

Razer accounced their first "Project Venom" on April Fool's Day of 2010, which touted continuous gaming performance for 4 full days.
Then, in on April Fool's Day in 2018, the company announced their next Project Venom V2 , which seemed a more realistic option (maybe except for the nanobots though...). This made a lot of fans think that Razer actually could have an energy drink in the works.
Maybe they actually had something going on, as we can see the letters on the Venom V2 banner at the top of the page has "RESPAWN" in the center of it.

Created With Gamers in Mind


Unlike most energy drinks, Respawn doesn't contain any high calorie sugars or taurine, but supports your mind and speeds up reaction time with green tea extract, choline, ground ginger, B vitamins, and 95mg of caffiene.

Because gaming causes the extensive use of one's brain, it's hard to see the benefit of a low calorie drink by some views, but Razer is aiming to create a healtier gaming life for gamers with Respawn.

A Total of Four Flavors


No matter how much this drink touts better focus for the user, anyone would get bored with just one flavor.
Razer has four flavors (Pomegranate Watermelon, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, and Tropical Watermelon) ready to try, so find your favorite, and don't hesitate to give the others a try as well.

Release Date and Price

Respawn started selling this month and can be bought at the RazerStore. The energy drink will be available on Amazon in the coming days as well.
Each Respawn box comes with 20 packages of powder for USD 24.99. The doublewalled Respawn Shaker goes for USD 29.99, but the powder and shaker canbe bought as a set for USD 54.98.

Try out Respawn and let us know what you think!

Details and Purchase at theRespawn Official Site.

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