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New Product for esports gamers "NINJA RATMAT" announced!

New Product for esports gamers

For PC gamers, in addition to the PC itself and monitor, the keyboard and mouse are important factors, and many people are particular about them.
Surprisingly, the importance of the mouse pad is not well known.
Even if the mouse itself is good, operability will be compromised if the mouse pad is not good enough.
There are many gaming mouse pads on the market, some thick, some large, and some shiny.
The strongest metal mousepad in the industry is the "NINJA NINJA", a metal mousepad made of metal.
Its name is "NINJA RATMAT"!


超平面メタルマウスパッド NINJA RATMAT
Super flat metal mouse pad NINJA RATMAT
"NINJA RATMAT"公式ホームページ

What is the advantage of having a metal mouse pad? Many people may wonder, "What's so good about a metal mouse pad?
According to the official website

Using Japanese manufacturing technology, we have created an overwhelmingly smooth metal mouse pad with ultra-high-precision and high-precision flatness and parallelism in accordance with JIS B 0621:1984.
In the accuracy level of JIS precision surface plate JIS B 7513:1992, the flatness is approximately JIS Class 1 to Class 2 (* some items are not applicable).

The surface texture is made with metal surface processing technology to improve the recognition value of the mouse sensor and lower the coefficient of friction.

This is a completely new gaming mouse pad with overwhelming functionality and presence that does not change its slipperiness over a long period of time.

e-Sports用 超平面メタルマウスパッド NINJA RATMAT公式ホームページ

According to the official website, it is as follows.
In a nutshell, it's "super sturdy", "super flat beyond comparison to anything else on the market" and "super sensitive" to the mouse.
That's 100% of what I'm looking for in a mouse pad, isn't it?
I see. It is indeed the most powerful mouse pad.

The official Twitter account explains the difference between a "home improvement iron plate" and a "gaming iron plate".

"The person making this is not a normal person."

Stick-to-itiveness design

In order to achieve the aforementioned strongest specs, we use the most advanced technology in our processing.

The low coefficient of friction is achieved for stress-free operation by utilizing our expertise in precision metal machining.
The static and dynamic friction coefficients for the sliding and abrasion points with the mouse are as low as possible, and the product is made with initial slippage and sliding in mind.
We can feel the confidence and trust in the technology by the fact that the "Metal Mouse Pad Coefficient of Friction Evaluation" page on the official website shows the results of verification and numerical values.

The surface is processed with precision metal processing technology to ensure that the mouse sensor can be recognized at a higher level.
We use different processing for each product, so you are sure to find the perfect match for the mouse you are using!
However, it is also true that some types of mice and specifications may not be compatible with others.
The " Metal Mouse Pad and Mouse (Mouse Sensor) Compatibility Evaluation" page on the official website checks and analyzes the compatibility of "NINJA RATMAT" with various types of mice.
Is there any other manufacturer that goes this far?

Product Lineup

"NINJA RATMAT" is currently available in 4 types of products.

NR001 臨 [ RIN ]

NR001 臨 [ RIN ]
NR001 臨 [ RIN ]
"NINJA RATMAT"公式ホームページ

A special surface finish with random fine vertical and horizontal grooves. The groove depth is only 0.5μm (0.0005mm) or less. This is an industrial product of artisan craftsmanship with an image of preventing ringing (sticking), with an awareness of the Japanese traditional technique of kisage processing.
3mm x 300mm x 400mm
(Currently only one size available)

NR002 兵 [ PYO ]

NR002 兵 [ PYO ]
nr002 兵 [ PYO ]
"NINJA RATMAT"公式ホームページ

The surface is processed to make point contact by applying a fine corrugated pattern. The corrugated surface resembles overlapping spheres, resulting in low friction and a fine layer of air that creates a pleasant slipping effect.
3mm x 300mm x 400mm
(Currently only one size available)

NR003 闘 [ TOU ]

NR003 闘 [ TOU ]
NR003 闘 [ TOU ]
"NINJA RATMAT"公式ホームページ

A type designed with a balance of slipperiness and stopping power in mind. Magnesium alloy material allows the use of a mouse with a built-in magnet on the bottom. It is an all-purpose mouse pad that is relatively easy to handle.
5mm x 300mm x 400mm
(Currently only one size available)

NR004 者 [ SHA ]

NR004 者 [ SHA ]
nr004 者 [ SHA ]
"NINJA RATMAT"公式ホームページ

The most slippery metal mouse pad. It has the lowest coefficient of static friction (about 0.1μ) and dynamic friction (about 0.05μ). The flatness value is slightly higher, and the surface is a very delicate material, so handle with care, but it is highly versatile with a mouse.
5mm x 300mm x 400mm
(currently only one size)

Even if we speak of metal mouse pads in one word, it is possible to create products with so many differences in materials and processing.
It can be said that these products are made possible by our advanced metalworking technology.

Currently, we are presenting the above four types of products.

  • NR005 皆 [ KAI]
  • nr006 陣 [ JIN ]
  • nr007 列 [ RETSU ]
  • nr008 在 [ ZAI ]
  • NR009 前 [ ZEN ]

We are planning to develop 5 types of products.
We are looking forward to seeing what kind of products they will be.

Products are made to order

"NINJA RATMAT" will be made-to-order, with orders scheduled to be received around October 2019 and shipped in November 2019.
The price will range from 60,000 JPY to 90,000 JPY (excluding tax).
To be honest, this may seem expensive for a mouse pad, but considering that it is such a highly accurate product and will last a lifetime, it is a better deal than buying many new mouse pads in the future.
However, it's not a cheap purchase, so here's some good news for those who want to see it in person.
NINJA RATMAT will be exhibiting at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, which will be held at Makuhari Messe from September 12 to 15, 2019!
We will be exhibiting in Hall 9-11 e-Sports area/ booth number 9-E10 (turnkey booth), so if you are interested, be sure to check it out!

For more information, please visit the official "NINJA RATMAT" website and official Twitter account " NINJA RATMAT Mouse Pad Super Plane (for e-Sports only) - Development Team "!

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