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"Red Bull Purple Edition" is now a standard product! Now available outside of vending machines!


Red Bull is a pioneer of energy drinks in Japan, and has released not only its standard flavors but also various limited-time-only flavors. Among them, "Red Bull Energy Drink Purple Edition," which was sold for a limited time in June 2021 and returned as Red Bull's first vending machine-only product in March 2022, will become a regular product!

紫の牛、再び!「レッドブル・エナジードリンク パープルエディション」が自販機限定で復活!

It will be available for purchase outside of vending machines from March 7!

レッドブル・エナジードリンク パープルエディション
Red Bull Energy Drink Purple Edition

Red Bull Energy Drink Purple Edition" will become a new standard product onMarch 7, 2023, and will be available at convenience stores, supermarkets, drugstores, mass merchandisers, and e-commerce sites nationwide, in addition to vending machines where it was previously sold! The sweet and sour Kyoho flavor has been very popular since its limited-time release, and sales have continued to increase since its return to vending machines, resulting in Red Bull's "XX Edition" having the highest cumulative shipping volume in its history. As it becomes a regular product and becomes available in more places, it is sure to become a flavor loved by even more people. Those who have been unable to purchase Red Bull Energy Drink Purple Edition because there are no vending machines near them will be able to purchase it with their regular purchases from March 7 (Tuesday) onward. If you are already a fan of Red Bull, or if you have never had Red Bull Energy Drink Purple Edition, this is a great opportunity to get your hands on it! For more information on the product, please visit the official Red Bull website!

The new cow is purple!? I was given a purple-blue wing with the popular limited-time new product "Red Bull Purple Edition"!
The new cow is purple!? I was given a purple-blue wing with the popular limited-time new p...

Red Bull (red bull) is selling a flavor of period limitation in addition to the usual line-up. Of "Red Bull purple edition" of the big peak flavor whi

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