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The new cow is purple!? I was given a purple-blue wing with the popular limited-time new product "Red Bull Purple Edition"!

今度の牛は紫!?話題の期間限定新商品「Red Bull パープルエディション」で紫紺の翼を授かってみた!

The world is currently in a "warring age of energy drinks," and there are so many energy drinks in the world today.
However, it is Red Bull that has popularized energy drinks in Japan and is still one of the most popular energy drinks in the world, and is also deeply involved in e-sports.
In addition to its regular lineup, Red Bull has launched a limited-time-only flavor.

This time, we would like to introduce "Red Bull Purple Edition," a limited-quantity grape flavor that will be available from June 8, 2021 (Monday ).
It was provided by Red Bull! Thank you so much!

Now, I know many of you are wondering what on earth it tastes like, so I'm going to give someone else the wings right away!

紫の魔法の翼を授ける!「レッドブル・エナジードリンク パープルエディション」登場!

New encounters come to one man.

First villager found!
Saiga NAK

Oh? One dull man is in the game, isn't he?
He seems very serious.

Red Bullとはいいセンスだ
Nice touch with Red Bull.
Saiga NAK

"After all, Red Bull, where wings are given, is supreme. "

Hou. Red Bull as an accompaniment to a game....
Leaving aside his peculiar way of speaking, he seems to understand what an energy drink is when he uses it as an accompaniment to a game.
But then! You notice a bewitching presence that suddenly appears!

"What the hell? "?

A mysterious presence that suddenly appeared?
Saiga NAK

What? "Hmph.... Have you finally noticed? I, the "voice from heaven that gives wings ".... "

Is it really a box?
Saiga NAK

The man turns around and there it is....
A box that resembles a grimoire with the Red Bull logo on it?

Let's open it anyway...
Saiga NAK

Fearfully he opens it and there it is....

There's a bright light in there!
Saiga NAK

"What in the world? What is this bewitching purple-blue glow? "
It is indeed a beautiful dark purple. Moreover, it has been processed to shine bewitchingly, hasn't it?
And the words "Feel the magic. Feel the magic?
This man has a unique way of using words, but I certainly agree with the expression " bewitching.

紫のRed Bullだと!?
It's purple Red Bull!
Saiga NAK

In addition to the regular Red Bull, there was a purple Red Bull in the bottle.
"Could this be...? "

A heavenly voice said, "Yes. This is the new " Red Bull Purple Edition " of the Kyoho flavored Red Bull, newly introduced on June 8, 2021 (Monday), and this time we have prepared this new flavor, available in limited quantities, for you, the Red Bull lover. "

I can't wait to see the new flavors!
Saiga NAK

The man seemed very interested in the new flavor. After all, the color and flavor, you are curious, aren't you?

The label design is the familiar cow highlighted design of Red Bull's limited-quantity products.
The purple and silver coloring has an adulterated and dangerous appeal.
Beautiful. No wonder he is glued to it.

And the box that appeared in front of the man this time is Red Bull Energy Drink Purple Edition Magic Wings Kid.
The outer box of the set is quite gorgeous. The design, reminiscent of a grimoire like that held by witches, seems to contain some kind of magical power.
It would definitely look great on display as an interior decoration!

What is the product description and ingredients that you are interested in?
Saiga NAK

On the back of the label, you can see the product description and ingredients list.

RED BULL The Purple Edition - Mythtic Magic (Giant Peak Flavor Energy Drink):Developed for when you want to perform.
A micro-carbonated beverage with arginine, caffeine, niacin, pantothenic acid, and vitamins B6 and B12.
Red Bull is appreciated around the world by top athletes, busy professionals, active students, and people on long drives.

The description is as sophisticated as ever. This is Red Bull, after all.
The brevity of the description, as if to say more than that would be a bit of a stretch, gives the impression of being a champion.

The ingredients are as follows per 100ml

  • Energy 47kcal
  • Protein 0g
  • 0g of qualities
  • Carbohydrates 11.0g
  • Salt equivalent 0.20g
  • Niacin 3mg
  • Pantothenic acid 2.0mg
  • Vitamin B6 2.0mg
  • Vitamin B12 2.0μg
  • Arginine 120mg
  • Caffeine 32mg

The ingredients are as follows. The ingredients in the formula are slightly higher than those in the original Red Bull, with the exception of vitamin B2, which has a trace amount of energy per gram. Other than that, the ingredients are almost the same. The caffeine content is also the same at 32 mg per 100 ml.

And although it is Kyoho flavored, it has no juice.

It is a deep, deep purple
Saiga NAK

Pouring the contents into a glass to check the color....
It's a beautiful dark purple color, like something out of an RPG. It looks like a potion.

It has a mellow aroma.
Saiga NAK

The man doing the tasting.
"It's fragrant with grapefruit and seems to gently envelop you.... "
Indeed, it's not a guttural, pungent smell, but a gentle fruity aroma.

What flavor are you interested in?
Saiga NAK

Like the smell, the taste is also very gentle. It has a moderate sweetness and tartness from the grape.
The taste is very elegant, delicate, and mature.
The soft carbonation makes it easy to drink. Overall, you can't believe it' s juice-free, and the Kyoho grapes have a luxurious feel to them.
Is it really fruitless?

Let's compare!
Saiga NAK

Here is how it looks compared to regular Red Bull.
The color is still very dark, as you can clearly see in the comparison.
It is a dark color that fits the term "purplish blue.

Enjoying elegance...?
Saiga NAK

The man seems very satisfied with the new flavor.
He is completely intoxicated by the charm of Red Bull Purple Edition.
But where in the world did he get a glass like that...?

Maybe you can enjoy the elegant time?
Saiga NAK

The flavor is moderately sweet and has a mature impression, making it perfect for sipping over a long period of time!
And at the same time of its release, a Purple Red Bull Follow & Retweet campaign is being held on the official Red Bull Japan Twitter account from June 8, 2021 (Tue) to June 14, 2021 (Mon) at 23:59! The campaign is to give away a "Magic Wings Kit," a box containing a Purple Edition Red Bull and a regular Red Bull, which is also the box this guy got this time! Check out the official Red Bull Japan Twitter for more details!

Limited quantities are now on sale!

It's a must-have item!
Saiga NAK

Red Bull Purple Edition will be available at convenience stores, supermarkets and drugstores nationwide from June 8, 2021 (Tuesday)! Please take this opportunity to compare it with other flavors. You may discover something new!
For more information on "Red Bull Purple Edition," check out the official Red Bull website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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