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Smash Bros. player "Fujii 4dan" to hold an event in Tokyo Japan, on June 14!

Smash Bros. player

Motonari Fujii, a.k.a. Fujii 4dan(@MTNRFG), an active university student player of Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL, will hold an event at Bar 3daime Akasaka in Akasaka, Tokyo, on Friday, June 14, 2024, his X (formerly Twitter) page announced.
Fujii 4dan is also known as the "Ryuoh" and "Eighth Crown"

The event title is "Fujii 4dan Midterm Exam Tired Bar"

This event is titled "Fujii 4dan Midterm Exam Tiredness Bar" and is supposed to be a labor event for the recently held midterm examinations.
Fujii 4dan sent out a message on social media, "Please come and blackmail 4-year gap students 4-year retention. Please come and give me a good fight," he posted on social networking sites.

Fans would love to play Smash Bros. against each other, but playing Smash Bros. in a for-profit bar that charges a fee may cause trouble with the event venue, Bar Sandaime, due to rights issues, so the day is expected to be mainly about fan interaction, enjoying drinks and conversation with Fujii 4dan.

Reasonable price range

Bar 3daimeBar 3daime

The event is held on Friday weekends, so it is easy to go there after work or school.
Charges are JPY 1,000 per hour, with drinks starting at JPY 500, so meeting Fujii 4dan for less than JPY 2,000 is an unbeatable deal.
Fujii 4dan fans should take this opportunity to visit the event.

Event Overview
Event Title Fujii 4dan Midterm Exam Tiredness Bar
Date & Time Friday, June 14, 2024 17:00-23:00
*Last order at 22:30
Place of the event Bar 3daime
2F Akasaka Royal Plaza, 2-13-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan.
Google Maps https://maps.app.goo.gl/hwExbe3snqzmd7iw6
Closest Station 3 minutes walk from Akasaka Station on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
4 minutes walk from Tameike-Sanno Station on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line/Nanboku Line

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Smash Bros. Player "Fujii 4-dan," a 4-year college student at Yokohama National University, overcomes the threat of expulsion and advances to the 3rd grade.
Smash Bros. Player "Fujii 4-dan," a 4-year college student at Yokohama National ...

Motonari Fujii, aka "Fujii 4-dan (@MTNRFG)", a 4-time Smash Bros. player in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Yokohama National University, ann