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Smash Bros. Player "Fujii 4-dan," a 4-year college student at Yokohama National University, overcomes the threat of expulsion and advances to the 3rd grade.


Motonari Fujii, aka "Fujii 4-dan (@MTNRFG )", a 4-time Smash Bros. player in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Yokohama National University, announced on his YouTube and X accounts that he will be moving up to his third year at the university. Fujii 4dan entered Yokohama National University after being a ronin for 4 years and stayed 4 times in his second year, thus he is known as the "King of 8 crowns and 4 stays". Many people were concerned about his future because he would be expelled from the university if he did not finish the fall semester, depending on his grades, which were announced on March 4.

Unveiling his grades with his fans via a live stream on YouTube

Fujii 4-dan held a YouTube live-streaming session to open the results of the tournament. He shared his joy with his listeners by announcing that he had overcome the expulsion crisis and had been promoted to the third grade.

During the live-streaming, he was so moved that he made some unintelligible comments such as "I got promoted," "I 'm not so happy to be promoted," and " I got 16 credits, " as if he wanted to be expelled from the school. Some listeners chimed in with supportive comments such as, "I 'm going to submit a withdrawal letter.

He also thanked the professor and said he would bring him a bottle of shochu to thank him. Many people also sent many super chats. He was planning to discuss with his father, a doctor, that he could stay in the Tokyo area for a year if he was expelled, but he successfully advanced to the next grade, and a 30-year-old college junior was born. When he goes home to his parents' house in Kagoshima, he can decide to "Nico Nico Nico Home Visit," and we hope he will live-stream the event as well.

Fujii 4dan as a Smash Bros. player

Fujii 4dan is also a Smash Bros. player (his character is Pudding), and he is active as a college student Smash Bros. player, participating in the " EBISMA " tournament for college and vocational students only and the " Smasher League " intercollegiate event. Fujii 4dan's Smash Bros. play can be viewed on the "Fujii 4dan Clipped Channel.

He is also a mirror of a Smash Bros. player, as he would interrupt his studies in the middle of a study session to play Smash Bros. (The causal relationship between this and his retention in school is not known.

Fujii 4-dan's stage of success is expanding.

Recently, he has been active in a wide variety of places, including appearing in a music video by the idol group " Gakureki no Boryoku" (Academic Violence ).

He has turned his background of having studied four years and four degrees into a positive one, and is now receiving offers from various fields. He is the hope of many people in the world who have lived through many hardships, and his future activities are sure to live up to his title as the "King of Eight Crowns and Ruoh".


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