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VShojo's VTuber kson collaborates with GiGO/Sega store!

VShojo's VTuber kson collaborates with GiGO/Sega store!

VShojo, a VTuber company headquartered in San Francisco, California.
VShojo is home to popular talents such as Ironmouse (@ironmouse)and Veibae (@Veibae)and at Anime Expo 2022 in July 2022, two new members joined the company. kson (@ksononair) and AmemiyaNazuna(@AmemiyaNazuna) joined the group.
Vshojo announced that kson will hold a collaboration campaign with GiGO/Sega store operated by GENDA GiGO Entertainment Inc.

Kson and Nazuna Amemiya will join the team! "VShojo" announces project "VShojo NEXT" feature on Japan Market

kson Collaboration Campaign!

kson and GiGO ONLINE CRANE will hold a collaboration campaign at participating amusement arcades and GiGO ONLINE CRANE stores nationwide, featuring amusement prizes and son guts.
The kson collaboration goods will be available at participating stores from September 9, 2022 (Friday).

The goods will feature illustrations drawn by yaman ( @yamanta_15) for the collaboration.
This collaboration will be the first time that these goods will be available as amusement prizes, so be sure to get your hands on them!

Crane game limited prizes


Original clear file!

オリジナルA4クリアファイルPR TIMES

From September 9 (Fri.) to October 10 (Mon.), 2022, you can get an original A4 clear file of kson for every 500 yen you spend on the crane game at amusement facilities!

Original A4 clear file (7 types)

A total of seven types of kson's original clear files will be available. Distribution will be at random.
To receive a clear file, you need to tell the staff before you put in 500 yen, so please speak to them before you put in your money.
The distribution of clear files will end as soon as they are gone, so be quick!

kson's Neminyaki (Taiyaki) is on sale!

kson根性焼きPR TIMES

kson's Neminyaki (Taiyaki) will be on sale for a limited time only.
The taiyaki is pizza-flavored, with a deformed version of kson's face on the front and the word "kson" printed on the back.

Original coasters (7 types)

An original coaster will be randomly attached to the purchase of kson's guts or a drink with a novelty!
Each item is 500 yen (tax included ) and will be on sale from September 9, 2022 (Friday) to October 10, 2022 (Monday ).
Be sure to visit as soon as possible, as the products will end as soon as they are gone.

kson Nezokuyaki & Drink with Novelty
Sales period From September 9 (Fri.) to October 10 (Mon.), 2022
Sold at GiGO Sendai, GiGO Ikebukuro Hall 1, GiGO Akihabara Hall 4, GiGO Shinjuku Kabukicho, GiGO Kanayama, GiGO Market Square Sasashima, GiGO Namba Avion, Sega AEON Mall Okayama, GiGO Hiroshima Hondori, Sega AEON Town Kanazawa Shimeno, Sega Amu Plaza Kumamoto, GiGO Fukuoka Tenjin
Selling price 500 yen (tax included)

Commemorating the kson collaboration! Retweet Campaign!

リツイートキャンぺーンPR TIMES

To commemorate the collaboration campaign with kson, a follow & retweet campaign will be held from August 29 (Mon.) to September 11 (Sun.), 2022!
To enter the campaign, simply follow the official GiGO/Sega Shop Twitter account (@GENDA_GiGO) and retweet the campaign tweets!
Three winners will be selected by drawing to win a long cushion autographed by Mr. kson
Be sure to read the campaign application terms and conditions on the official GIGO website before participating.
For details of the kson and GiGO/Sega store collaboration campaign, please check the official GiGO/Sega store website.

Outline of the commemorative retweet campaign
Entry period From Monday, August 29, 2022 to Sunday, September 11, 2022
Prizes A long cushion autographed by the president of KSON
How to apply 1. follow GiGO shop/Sega store official Twitter account (@GENDA_GiGO)
Retweet the campaign tweet
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