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"Sonic Birthday 2019" will be held!


SEGA's iconic character is "Sonic the Hedgehog", a blue hedgehog who runs faster than the speed of sound in all directions.
This year marks the 28th anniversary of Sonic's birth. This year marks the 28th anniversary of Sonic's birth, and the cool guy is already in his twenties.
Sonic's birthday event will be held at Joypolis!

The venue is, of course, Joypolis!

Sonic's birthday will be celebrated at Tokyo Joypolis, a major amusement facility owned by SEGA.
The event will be held on Sunday, June 23, 2019 at 3:00 p.m.!

グリーティング ※写真はイメージです。
Greeting *Photo is for reference only.

A meet and greet with Sonic will be held on the main stage on the 1st floor.

ソニックバースデーセット ※写真はイメージです。
Sonic Birthday Set *Photo is for reference only.

"Sonic Birthday Set" will be sold at the D-Lounge on the 2nd floor, where you can get an original sticker with your order.

バースデーボード ※写真はイメージです。
Birthday Board *Photo is an image only.

Birthday boards will be set up on the 3rd floor multi-stage.

バルーンラッピング ※写真はイメージです。
Balloon Wrapping *Photo is an image.

Sonic's prizes are wrapped in balloons at the prize corner on the 1st floor.
Let's celebrate Sonic's birthday together!

"Sumi-e: Supersonic Needle Mouse" goods on sale in advance!

Along with the event, "Sumi-e: Supersonic Needle Mouse" goods with Sonic printed on them will be available for purchase!
T-shirts and tote bags will be on sale in advance.
Both T-shirts and tote bags come in two designs, "Sonic" and "Shadow.
T-shirts will be available in three sizes (M, L, and XL) for 2,800 JPY (tax included), and tote bags will be available in one size (W 369mm x H 370mm x D 110mm) for 1,500 JPY (tax not included).

"墨絵 超音速針鼠"Tシャツ
Sumi-e: "Supersonic needle rat" T-shirt
"墨絵 超音速針鼠"トートバッグ
Sumi-e: "Supersonic Needle Mouse" Tote Bag

Orders will be available at the SEGA Store from June 23rd, the day of the event, but if you want to be the first to get one, you'll just have to go to Sonic Birthday.

SEGA's momentum just won't stop!

SEGA has been going strong with the release of the Mega Drive Mini, the announcement of the new Sakura Wars, and the Sonic movie that has been postponed for some reason for which we have no idea.
Let's celebrate the birthday of Sonic, the world-famous character created by SEGA, together, both for the persistent SEGA fans and the new SEGA fans!

Please check the Sonic Birthday 2019 event page for event details!

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Nice surprises! All the titles of Mega Drive Mini...

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