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StreetFighterV ArcadeEdition World Competition"Red Bull Kumite"

StreetFighterV ArcadeEdition World Competition

Red Bull Japan has announced that Red Bull Kumite 2019, a Street Fighter V Arcade Edition world championship organized by Red Bull Japan, will be held in Japan for the first time.

What is Red Bull Kumite?

Red Bull Kumite
Red Bull Kumite
Red Bull Kumite Teaser

Red Bull Kumite is a fighting game tournament from France that has been held since 2015.

Red Bull Kumite is a world tournament for Street Fighter V Arcade Edition.
Until now, the tournament has been held in Paris, France, but Japan, the birthplace of Street Fighter, has been chosen to host the event outside of Paris for the first time.
Sixteen of the world's top players will compete on a special stage surrounded by a wire fence, with spectators surrounding them.

The decisive battle will take place in Aichi, Japan

"Red Bull Kumite 2019" will be held in Namekawa, Aichi, Japan, at the Aichi Sky Expo.
The preliminaries will be held on Saturday, December 21, 2019 to determine the last of the 16 participating slots; the final tournament will be held on Sunday, December 22, 2019.
More details about the preliminaries will be announced at a later date.
Players who are confident that they have what it takes to qualify should keep an eye out for information on the qualifier recruitment.

For more information on Red Bull Kumite 2019, visit the official Red Bull website.

Also check out the official Twitter!

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