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Monst's spring campaign "I'll do this too. Spring Extension Mon Festival" is held!


The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the weather is getting a little warmer and more spring-like these days.
In the midst of all this, XFLAG™'s Monster Strike (hereafter referred to as "MonSt") has sent us some spring news!
Starting today, MonSt's spring campaign, " This is what we are doing. Spring MonStream Festival " will be held from today!
There will be a free 10-round gacha, a retweet campaign, an increase in the appearance rate of characters 5 or higher, and many other exciting events to enjoy the spring season.
The event will be held from April 2 (Thursday) to April 29 (Wednesday), 2020.

Draw a free 10-round gacha with "Cho-Haru-Dama"!

During the period, "Cho-Haru-Dama" will be given as a gift, allowing you to draw a free 10-round gacha of your choice!
Moreover, the chance of getting the character you are looking for is increased to 24%, so this is your chance to get the character you want.
In addition, the first 10-round gacha for "Cho-Haru-Dama" will have a 24% chance of having an ★5 or higher character.
The distribution period is from April 3, 2020 (Thursday) 12:00 to April 15, 2020 (Thursday) 3:59, so let's enjoy the pink spring-like "Cho-Haru-Dama" for a great price!

"こんなんもやります。春の増しモン祭り"PR TIMES

CM Retweet Campaign

A web commercial featuring Milk Boy, the "M-1 Grand Prix 2019" champion, will be available on YouTube and other sites from April 2 (Thursday).
The campaign is introduced with Milk Boy's well-known exchanges, "I pull the monster like this to make it strike," and "It's MonSt, isn't it?"
In the commercial retweet campaign, 50 people will be selected by drawing to win a gift code worth 3,000 yen by retweeting the target tweets posted from the official MonSt Campaign Twitter account (@monst_campaign).
In addition, there is a chance to win "prizes that will delight orphans all over Japan" by drawing among those who participate in the campaign!
The application period is from April 2, 2020 (Thursday) 17:00 to April 16, 2020 (Thursday) 11:59.
Please participate and make your Okan happy!

Grand prize for "I like this kind of thing
The "Easy for My Dad" Prize: BE-ELSW01 Electric Bicycle

The rate of appearance of ★5 or higher characters has increased to 12%!

From 12:00 on April 3 (Fri.), the appearance rate of ★5 or higher characters in gachas that use orbs will increase from 8.4% to 12%!
Also, to celebrate the release of the movie "Monster Strike The Movie: Lucifer: Dawn of Despair," a gacha featuring the anime characters "Zephon," "Levy," and "Surgato" will be held. Strike Partners" will be held.
Each character is a rare 6★ character with the attributes of fire, water, and wood, so please take this opportunity to try them out!

Zephon, the Fallen Angel of the Backwinding Hot Wind
Levy, the determined princess of ice
Surgato, the innocent boy who slaughters even the gods

Now is the best time to start playing MonSt!

Monster Strike" is a popular smartphone app with more than 53 million users worldwide.
The campaign contents are enough to fill your stomach, but be sure to check out the other April-only events, such as the Strike Board, where you can get items when you line up in a row, the MonPass trial campaign, and the opening of the Help Deck!
For more details, please check out the " Spring Incremental Monster Festival" special event. For more details, please check the " Spring Incremental Monster Festival" special site!


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