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Haomaru's favorite sword "Meito FuguDoku"on sale!

Haomaru's favorite sword

SNK's latest title "SAMURAI SPIRITS" was finally released on June 27th.
We at the Saiga NAK editorial team have been enjoying playing it together. The power of the strong slash is still as exhilarating as ever!
"SAMURAI SPIRITS" has been on sale for a while now, and we have started taking pre-orders for some amazing products.

The commemorative sword of Haomaru's favorite sword " Meito Fugu Doku" announced in April is now available for order!

What is "Meito Fugu Doku"?

名刀 河豚毒
Meitou - Fugu Doku

This is the favorite sword of Haomaru, the main character throughout the "SAMURAI SPIRITS" series.
The sword is said to be so powerful that "even the demons of hell could not master it." It is characterized by its unique tsubame and the words "Namu Amidabutsu" carved near the stem.
It is said that the Mine-uchi (peak strike) delivered from this sword is said to cause extreme pain as if one were hit by fugu (pufferfish) doku (poison), as the sword's name implies.


Faithful reproduction of the famous sword

名刀 河豚毒
Meito - Fugu Doku

This product is a detailed reproduction of the "Meito Fugu Doku" (famous sword), and each piece is handmade by Kyoto Tosando.
The handmade products of this long-established martial arts equipment brand established in 1989 can be expected to be reproduced to perfection.
The "Meito Fugu Doku" is not a real sword, but a mock-up.
Therefore, it is not necessary to obtain a license to possess firearms and swords, and can be purchased by anyone.
A sword manufacturing certificate and Nishijin brocade bag are also included.

SNK Online Shop Exclusive

The "Meito Fugu Doku" will be sold exclusively through the SNK Online Shop, so you won't be able to get it anywhere else!
The item will be made to order, so be sure to pre-order if you want to get your hands on it!
The first pre-order will be on July 31, 2019, and will be shipped in early September. The price is 180,000 JPY (tax included)!
Don't miss your chance to get your hands on this fan-favorite!

For more information and to make a reservation, please visit the SNK Online Shop!

"Meito: Fugu Doku
Sword length 2 shaku 5 sun
Total length 110cm
Sword pattern Copy of Fujiwara no Kuni
Warpage 1.8cm (6/10ths warp)
Sword guard Phosphor bronze with an antique finish
Menuki None
Kojiri Higo brass
Handle winding Pure cotton, black, twisted rolls
Scabbard Lacquer black and white
cord Jinken Shigetouchi