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Razer launches "Kraken X For Console" in Japan!

Razer launches

Razer, a San Francisco, California-based gaming device manufacturer, has announced the release of its new ultra-lightweight "Kraken X For Console" gaming headset in Japan.

Ultra-lightweight ergonomic build weighing only 250g

High-performance headsets tend to be heavier, with larger drivers and more cushioning.
However, the "Kraken X For Console" is designed with an ultra-light form factor and weighs only 250 grams.

Kraken X For Console
Kraken X For Console
Kraken X For Console製品ページ

In addition to being lightweight, the headset features soft memory foam cushions for eyeglass frames, soft headband padding, and clamp force for a secure and stable grip on the user's head, ensuring a comfortable fit.
The weight of the headset becomes a concern as playing time increases, but the "Kraken X For Console" allows for hours of comfortable play.

No Compromise on Features

Kraken X For Console
Kraken X For Console
Kraken X For Console製品ページ

While there may be concerns that the lightweight design will compromise the headset's inherent functionality, there is no need to worry about that.
The headset is equipped with a custom-tuned 40mm driver that can reproduce everything from powerful sounds to faint footsteps with clear sound quality.

Kraken X For Console
Kraken X For Console
Kraken X For Console製品ページ

The microphone is unidirectional. The microphone is unidirectional and can be flexibly bent to adjust to the user's preferred distance.
The unidirectional nature of the microphone means that it does not pick up ambient noise, allowing only the voice to be heard clearly.

A headset that also offers convenience

Kraken X For Console
Kraken X For Console
Kraken X For Console製品ページ

The controls for the "Kraken X For Console" are located on the left ear cup.
The volume slider and microphone mute button are concentrated in the lower part of the ear cup. This makes it easy to operate.

The 3.5mm 4-pole stereo mini headset jack allows for connection to a variety of devices as well as PCs.

Release Date and Price

"Kraken X For Console" will be available in Japan on Friday, July 26, 2019 for 6,800 JPY and can be pre-ordered at the Razer Store.

The "Kraken X For Console" will be available for pre-order from the Razer Store for 6,800 JPY in Japan on July 26, 2019.

For more details, please visit the "Kraken X For Console" product page.

Kraken X For Console
Outline of Kraken X For Console Ultra-lightweight at 250g
Bendable unidirectional microphone
Custom-tuned 40 mm driver
On-headset control
Versatile compatibility
Headphones Frequency response: 12 Hz to 28 kHz
Impedance: 32 ohms @ 1 kHz
Sensitivity (@ 1 kHz): 109 dB
Drivers: 40 mm, neodymium magnetic
Earcup inner diameter: 65 x 44 mm
Connection type: analog 3.5 mm
Cable length: 1.3 m / 4.27 ft
Approximate weight: 250 g / 0.55 lbs.
Oval ear cushions: Leatherette full-ear design for sound isolation and comfort
Microphone Frequency response: 100 Hz to 10 kHz
S/N ratio: ≥ 60 dB
Sensitivity (@1 kHz): -45 ± 3 dB
Sound collection pattern: uni-directional ECM boom microphone
Controls on ear cups Volume up/down
Microphone mute quick switch
Audio Use Audio use: Devices with 3.5 mm headphone jack
Use of audio + microphone: devices with 3.5 mm (4-pole) headset jacks
Use of audio/microphone distribution adapter cable: Devices with 3.5 mm stereo mini audio output and microphone input jacks
"RazerKraken for Console",gaming headset launched!...

Razer, San Francisco-based gaming device manufacturer, has launched new " Razer Kraken for Console," a gaming headset with 50mm drivers and a cooling

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