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Onkyo's SHIDO Gaming Headset and USB Control Amplifier Reaches Crowfunding Goal in 5 Minutes

Onkyo's SHIDO Gaming Headset and USB Control Amplifier Reaches Crowfunding Goal in 5 Minutes

Onkyo & Pioneer Co. announced their esports brand SHIDO in January of this year and held an exhibition at CES2019.
Starting April 25th, the company held a crowdfunding campaign for their Gaming Headset SHIDO:001 and their USB Controlled Amp SHIDO:002. Once the campaign started, the goal of 2 million yen ($18,000 USD) was achieved within five minutes and reached 13 million yen ($118,000 USD) in three days but April 28th.

Crowdfunding taking place at Campfire

Shido's crowdfunding is being conducted at Campfire, a purchase-type crowdfunding service (see link below).

The crowdfunding is being held for the Gaming Headset SHIDO:001 and the USB Control Amp SHIDO:002. In addition to these two items, other merchandise such as Shido tumblers, t-shirts, and mouse pads can also be purchased.

About the Gaming Headset SHIDO:001

Shido Crowdfunding Page

SHIDO:001's Main Points

  • Flat sound balance, allowing for long listening times
  • Blocks sweat with quick drying material and cooling pads
  • Ergonomic construction prevents pain and fatigue during long terms of usage
  • Durable for long use
  • Lightweight design to prevent neck and shoulder tiredness
  • 3.5mm analog connector allows for connection to all types of devices
  • Mic and cable are completely removable

As expected from an audio maker such as Onkyo, there are several unique features packed into this device. In addition to the features listed above, a special coating is applied to the inner wall of the ear cushion to enhance the seal, which in turn allows for clear sound quality and a more comfortable fit. These technologies are also patent pending, which makes them very likely to be tech only provided by Onkyo.

About the USB Control Amp SHIDO:002

SHIDO Crowdfunding Project Page

Main features of the SHIDO:002

  • Control all sounds with one hand
  • Instantly boost sounds with EQ presets
  • Provides stable sound quality regardless of PC environment
  • Plug & play allows for immediate use without the need for extra software
  • Immersive and deep Virtual 7.1 sound provided by Waves NX
  • 3.5mm analog connector allows for connection to all types of devices
  • Removable cables and compact body allow for use anywhere

One advantage of the SHIDO:002 is the combination of design and functionality. Despite its small size and lightweight design, it has a great set of features.

We here at saiganak.com also stream through Twitch occasionally, but for those of us that don't usually work with audio devices, it can be a little intimidating. But, when it comes to the SHIDO:002, it seems that anyone can use it with ease.
What's also great about the SHIDO:002 is that it comes with an adapter for USB C to USB A. These days, even buying the latest devices at a bargain price can get expensive when having to buy cables and accessories, but the SHIDO:002 doesn't leave you in that situation.

Both products are available to for testing at ONKYO BASE (Akihabara, Tokyo)


From Saturday, April 27th to Thursday, May 30th, there will be a gaming booth where you can experience SHIDO sample products at ONKYO BASE in Akihabara.
Because general sales are still undecided, it's a great opportunity to experience these devices firsthand.

SHIDO's Crowdfunding Campaign is until May 30th!

SHIDO's crowdfunding campaign will take place until May 30th, 2019 at 23:59:59. There are also some items that are already out of stock, ad they can be purchased from a 20 to 40% discount during the campaign.

Delivery is scheduled for August of this year, but to be one of the first to receive SHIDO:001 and SHIDO:002, support the crowdfunding campaign!


Crowdfunding Limited Edition Color

SHIDO:001 Crowdfunding Limited Edition Color
SHIDO Crowdfunding Project Page

Limited to the crowdfunding campaign, a special color of SHIDO:001 is available, with no plans to continue sales after the campaign ends. The serial number is also engraved into the product, making it a definite pick up as there are only 13 available!

Be sure to check SHIDO's official website and social media for details and updates!


SHIDO is a brand launched by Onkyo. Although the brand is still young, Onkyo's presence in the audio industry has already helped their new brand gain recognition.

Definitely take a look SHIDO's official site and social networking accounts to keep up with the status of the crowdfunding!

SHIDO Official Site http://www.shido-fsg.com/
SHIDO Official Twitter Account https://twitter.com/shido_jpn
SHIDO Official Instagram Account https://www.instagram.com/shido_global/
SHIDO CAMPFIRE Project Page https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/142302