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Glowing Gaming HDMI Cable "ARQUUS W73" Announced!

光るゲーミングHDMIケーブル「ARQUUS W73」発表!

VIVIFY, a company that never stops providing the best gaming experience for all users, announces the ARQUUS W73, a shiny HDMI cable with HDMI 2.0B support.


"ARQUUS W73"商品ページ

ARQUUS W73 is a fiber-optic quality cable that delivers 18Gbps throughput and a smooth 4K gaming experience. This allows gamers to take their gaming experience to the next level by increasing the immersive gaming experience.

Certified to the highest DPL LABS standards

"ARQUUS W73"商品ページ

Aside from regular testing, ARQUUS W73 meets the highest standards of DPL LABS. "DPL 4K 18G Deep Color" means that it is 4K compatible with certified bandwidth up to 18Gbps and comes with Deep Color capability.

Light is Faster than Copper

"ARQUUS W73"商品ページ

ARQUUS W73 is made with high quality fiber-optic quality cables, allowing it to exceed the distance limitations of copper-based HDMI cables. Copper cables use electricity to transmit signals, while fiber optic cables use lasers. Since light travels faster than electricity, the signal passing through a fiber optic cable provides much better quality than an equivalent copper cable.

Lightweight, thin cables!

"ARQUUS W73"商品ページ

At 1/5 the weight of copper-based cables, "ARQUUS W73" is slim and flexible. It easily plugs into the tight spaces that are common in wall-mounted TV mounts and TV stands. If you do the same with a thicker, stiffer copper HDMI cable and tension it, it can overload the connectors and in some cases, worse, damage them or even drop out completely and lose the connection.

LEDs on the cable can be changed to seven different colors.

"ARQUUS W73"商品ページ

ARQUUS W73 is the world's first HDMI cable to offer built-in lighting. Gamers can choose from a color cycling mode or seven color options (red, orange, green, cyan, blue, and purple). In addition, the light intensity can be further increased by plugging in the included micro USB cable.

Price and Release Date

The ARQUUS W73 is only available in the U.S. It will be available soon on Amazon EU, but shipping to Japan will probably be difficult. It is an oddity, but it may look surprisingly good. RGB is actually popular in the PC industry in Japan. We are sure that some of you are looking forward to the release of this product.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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