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HostClub event!"L's collection Festival 2019" Kabukicho!

HostClub event!

Host clubs are no longer the social gathering place for adult women.
Nowadays, more and more host clubs have a casual atmosphere, and both customers and hosts can enjoy themselves in a casual manner.

In Shinjuku Kabukicho, the Mecca of host clubs, the Smash Bros. eSports tournament "L's Collection Festival 2019" will be held to determine the best host!

L's Collection Summer Festival

"L's Collection" produced by Group Dandy, one of the largest host club groups in Kabukicho, will hold "L's Collection Festival 2019" under the theme of "fooling around seriously".
This year will be the third time the event has been held, following 2017 and 2018.
In 2017, the event was called "Away from Here, Away from There" to determine the strongest, and in 2018, it will be called "Hit and Cover, Rock-paper-scissors! " and in 2018, the hosts went all out to "seriously mess around", and both events ended with great success.

And the theme for 2019 is "e-sports"!
The winning host of "Super Smash Bros".

Host clubs are limited in their promotions to attract customers, so promotions are mainly through ad trucks, which are advertising companies that run around town. Therefore, it is expected that there will be a heated battle for the "ad truck rights"!

It would be interesting if it becomes mainstream to aim for No.1 in e-sports first in order to achieve No.1 in sales.

Both of these events were a great success, and with the cooperation of a major e-sports company, they will be full-fledged tournaments, with professional play-by-play talent on hand.

Who will be the best!

エルコレ | 歌舞伎町 | Lscollection-recruit

"L's Collection Festival 2019" will be held at WARP SHINJUKU, a futuristic nightclub in Kabukicho, on Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 17:00.
Not only will the best of Kabukicho (Smash Bros.) be crowned, but there will also be an award ceremony for the ranking, as well as some surprises.
Let's go out to Kabukicho on a summer night!

For more details, please visit the "L's Collection Festival 2019" special site!

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