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Shunrei!Celebrating release of"MEXICO66SD"sneakers!

Shunrei!Celebrating release of

To celebrate the release of the limited edition "MEXICO 66 SD" sneakers, Japanese fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger has collaborated with CAPCOM's popular fighting game "Street Fighter". The sneaker is a limited edition model of the "MEXICO 66 SD," a collaboration with the popular fighting game "Street Fighter" from APCOM.

The visual was drawn by popular manga artist Masakazu Katsura

© Masakazu Katsura/Shueisha

Masakazu Katsura has captivated the hearts of boys with "Denei Shoujo", "D.N.A²", "I "s", and "ZETMAN", which were serialized in Shonen Jump magazine. He is a well-known and popular manga artist who has captured the hearts of female fans with "TIGER & BUNNY," for which he designed the characters.
Katsura is especially well known for her delicate touch with beautiful girl characters, and her work is highly acclaimed by her peers and popular not only in Japan but also overseas.

Katsura-sensei has drawn a visual of the popular female Street Fighter character "Chun-Li"!
The visual of Chun-Li from the "Street Fighter Zero" series wearing Onitsuka Tiger sneakers has the delicate touch of Katsura-sensei with a sense of dynamism. Fans can't get enough!

Limited edition of 5,000 pairs with special offers!

The limited edition "MEXICO 66 SD" will go on sale on Saturday, July 27th at a price of 18,000 JPY (excluding tax). The limited edition of 5,000 pairs will be sold worldwide.
The shoes are specially designed in blue and yellow to match the colors of Chun-Li's costume, with dragon graphics printed on them!

"MEXICO 66 SD"ホワイト×グレイシャーグレー
"MEXICO 66 SD" White x Glacier Gray
"MEXICO 66 SD"アシッドイエロー×ソフトイエロー
"MEXICO 66 SD" Acid Yellow × Soft Yellow

As an added bonus, they even come with a product code for Chun-Li's original Onitsuka Tiger costume, which can be used within Street Fighter V!
The competition is high just to get a limited edition model of the popular Onitsuka Tiger sneaker, but to get the costume as well, it is a must-have item.

Onitsuka Tiger Original Costume
Onitsuka Tiger Original Costume

Traveling Exhibition by 10 Artists

In addition to Katsura, 10 artists have created original visuals of Chun-Li.
All of these visuals will be on display in a traveling exhibition at Onitsuka Tiger stores!

The exhibition will be held at the Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando store from tomorrow, Friday, May 24 to Sunday, June 26 .
The event will be held at the Onitsuka Tiger Shinjuku East Store from Friday, June 7 to Sunday, June 9 , and at the Onitsuka Tiger Namba Store from Friday, June 21 to Sunday, June 23 .
The event will only be open for a short period of time, so make sure you don't miss it!
The following artists are the ones you should be interested in!

Participating artists *Honorific titles omitted

  • Hiro Sugiyama
  • Kae Tanaka
  • Den Q
  • Hikaru Cho
  • Misaki Tanaka
  • Yuya Hashizume
  • Rooo Lou
  • Chika Takei
  • Kamano Kamata
  • Wataboku

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu also participated!

On May 23, a press conference was held in Tokyo, where Masakazu Katsura, the manga artist who drew Chun-Li, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, an internationally popular singer and fashion model, took the stage as speakers.

Wearing a blue jersey with sequins, Kyary posted the collaboration movie shown at the event on her Instagram page and a photo of her dressed as Chun-Li wearing the collaboration shoes on her Twitter page.

She also posted a photo of herself on Twitter wearing the collaboration shoes. Of course, she also recreated Chun-Li's hair in a bun, and fans on Twitter and Instagram have been raving about it.
Since the announcement of the OnitsukaTiger x STREETFIGHTER collaboration, new information has been gradually being released, so there may be more surprise announcements in the future.

Street Fighter V is accelerating more and more!

Street Fighter V has the most players among e-sports fighting games.
This collaboration focusing on the popular character Chun-Li is sure to further accelerate its popularity.
You may even be able to see Chun-Li wearing the "MEXICO 66 SD" at EVO 2019 in August.

For more information, please visit the official Street Fighter series website!

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