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Asus "TUF-GTX1650-O4G-GAMING" launched!


ASUS JAPAN, Ltd. announces The Ultimate Force (TUF) Gaming video card "TUF-GTX1650-O4G-GAMING" featuring GeForce GTX 1650. It will be available for sale starting Friday, September 20, 2019.

Don't worry about deflection with the protective backplate!


Equipped with a rigid PCB board backplate, it prevents board distortion that can cause contact failures and other problems when mounted on a motherboard for a long period of time.

Complies with IP5X dustproof standard


"IP5X dust-proof fan" is equipped to prevent dust from getting inside the fan even in a PC case where dust tends to collect.

Bearings with space-grade lubricant

Sleeve bearings with space grade lubricant are used to provide users with quiet and durable performance.

Auto Extreme Technology

The soldering process, which previously had to be done separately, can be done in a single step with Auto Xtreme Technology, thus reducing the load on the components.

Entry-level & High-durability Models


The TUF-GTX1650-O4G-GAMING will be available from today at around 22,000 JPY (excluding tax).
The compact design allows for easy integration into a PC case, while the use of space-grade lubricant inside the fan makes it suitable for both entry-level and long-time users.
The price range is very affordable, but the video card is more than worth the price, so many users will be pleased with it.

For more details, please visit the TUF-GTX1650-O4G-GAMING product page.

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