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Coffee Table? Nope! It's a Gaming Chabudai!

Coffee Table? Nope! It's a Gaming Chabudai!

There's no doubt that your surroundings affect how you focus on your game.
Everyone's got a different style: playing at a desk, on the sofa, on the floor, or even while lying down.
No matter your play style, finding the best furniture to put you in the zone (while not taking away from your comfort) is important.
But, for those of you who prefer to play on the floor, we've got some good news! Gaming furniture brand Beads Co., will be expanding their Bahutte line, with a Chabudai made just for gamers!

Adjustable Height for the Best Experience

Bauhutte BHT-800
Bauhutte BHT-800
Bauhutte BHT-800 Product Page

There are tons of players that prefer to sit on the floor while playing games, right?
But, all the low tables you've encountered have undoubtedly had legs that were maybe a bit too high, and don't have a way to lower the height. Even if you find a table with a lower height, it's had to find one that's just perfect, right?
With this unique Chabudai, the legs of the table can be adjusted to five different levels to match your desired height!
Bauhutte already has their BHD-1000L "low desk" available for purchase that can be adjusted from 390mm to 485mm, but this new Gaming Chabudai will be adjustable from 344mm to 445mm, allowing for lower gaming.

What's the biggest advantage of a Chabudai?

Bauhutte BHT-800
Bauhutte BHT-800
Bauhutte BHT-800 Product Page

We know you're probably thinking "well... it's just a coffee table, right?" But no! That's not all!
What makes this Chabudai so special is that the legs also collapse, making space when you don't have any!
Most tables like this don't have collapsible legs, which might make cleaning and organization a bit difficult, but this Chabudai folds up to allow you to store it in even the smallest of spaces.

The Storage Net Makes Life Easier

Bauhutte BHT-800
Bauhutte BHT-800
Bauhutte BHT-800 Product Page

When you've got controllers, headphones, and remote controllers, your gaming space can get pretty cluttered, but this Chabudai has a net for all your things!

You can put as much as you want on the stretchy net (up to 2kg), so all of your gaming gear can easily rest in one place! No more worries about misplacing things or having them interrupt your valuable space.

Make the Perfect Gaming Space

For 15,000 yen (~$150), this gaming Chabudai comes in two different colors of a smooth black and a comfortably warm wood tone.
Bauhutte also has many other products made for gaming, such as chairs that aren't just fashionable, but functional as well.

Find out more details at theBauhutte Gaming Chabudai page!

BHT-800 Details
Color BK:Black
Dimensions =Width: 800mm, Depth: 500mm, Height: 344mm(344~445mm)
Weight 8.0kg
Load Bearing Weight Top: Max 30kg
Net: Max 2kg
Package Size 520 × 850 × 95mm
Package Weight 8.5kg
Tabletop Material Plastic Coated Fiberboard
Surface Material Legs: Epoxy Powder Coating

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