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KOF XV: OMEGA RUGAL is coming back!

KOF XV: OMEGA RUGAL is coming back!

At "第3回 #日本格ゲーメーカー連合会"(3rd #Japan Fighting Game Manufacturers Association), SNK announced that a new character would join THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV, aka KOF XV, the latest in SNK's KOF series.
The new character is synonymous with the fighting game boss character. His name is OMEGA RUGAL!

Nightmare is back!?

Omega Rugal is well known as the evilest boss in the history of fighting games, whose regular special move "Genocide Cutter" in KOF '95 drove many fighting gamers insane by dramatically reducing their energy gauges.
Rugal is the final boss character of the memorable KOF1 and the first host of KOF.
Omega Rugal is Rugal Bernstein, who has taken the power of Orochi and mechanized his right arm lost in KOF '94, appearing before KOF15's players.
Despite his death in KOF'95, Rugal is still featured in KOF'98 (Dream Matches) and KOF2002(KOF2002UM), which do not contain a storyline.
Omega Rugal is now ready to join KOF XV (KOF15)!


New Mode BOSS CHALLENGE is Available!


A new game mode, BOSS CHALLENGE, will be added on April 14.
Defeat CPU Omega Rugal, and then you can win Omega Rugal special costumes, new stages, and new songs.

Omega Rugal Available on April 14!


Omega Rugal will be released on April 14 as free DLC.
Southtown teams will also be available on Team Pass 1 in May, and by the end of 2022 we will have 52 members TOTAL!!!!

Although KOFXV is facing severe bugs such as freezing and losing progress in the game, the latest patch Ver. 1.12 has been released, and with the joining of Omega Rugal, KOFXV is sure to rebound.
Let's GENOCIDE CUTTER on April 14!

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