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"TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019 Commemorative Sale" Up to 85% off at PS Store!


Tokyo Game Show 2019, Japan's largest game festival, will be held from September 12 to 15.
There will be information on new games, test plays, events, and much more! Of course, the editorial department of Saiga NAK will be there!
In conjunction with the Tokyo Game Show 2019, the "TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019 Commemorative Sale" is now being held at the PS Store!
I'd like to introduce you to the titles that I recommend and the titles with the highest discount rates, including the previous titles that will be exhibited at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019, based on my own prejudice!

Up to 85% off!

In the "TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019 Commemorative Sale", you can save up to 85% off all eligible titles!
There are 702 titles in all, including full-length games, additional items, and PS VR, so you're sure to find something you want to play!
PS PLUS subscribers can save even more on some titles!


PlayStation Store

The latest numbered title in Square Enix's iconic RPG "Final Fantasy" series.
The first "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" is scheduled to be played for the first time in Japan at the Square Enix booth at the Tokyo Game Show 2019.
This is a great deal that includes the main game and the FINAL FANTASY XV SEASON PASS!
"FINAL FANTASY XV ROYAL EDITION" will be 50% off from8,424 JPY to 4,212 JPY!

Persona 5

Persona 5
PlayStation Store

The latest title in Atlus' popular school RPG "Persona series". The game has been made into an anime and the main character "Joker" has collaborated with various games, making it very popular all over the world.
At the Sega Games/Atlas booth at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, you will be able to try out the latest title, "Persona 5 The Royal", which will be released in October!
The regular edition of "Persona 5" will be discounted 25% from 5,280 JPY to 3,960 JPY!
"Special DLC Collaboration Set" featuring Persona 3 & 4, "Persona 20th Anniversary All Time Best Soundtrack" including arranged music, and "Limited Theme & Avatar" will be available! Persona 5 20th PS Store Special Edition", which includes "Persona 5 20th Anniversary All Time Best Soundtrack" including arranged music, and "Limited Theme & Avatar", will be priced from 7,560 JPY to 5,760 JPY, also 25% off!

Romancing SaGa 2

ロマンシング サガ2
Romancing SaGa 2
PlayStation Store

A remastered version of "Romancing SaGa 2" released in 1993 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It also includes additional content from the port.
At the Tokyo Game Show 2019, more information about the HD remastered version of Romancing SaGa 3, which will be released in November, will be announced!
How about experiencing the unique throne succession system of Romancing SaGa 2?
"Romancing SaGa 2" is 25% off from 3,200 JPY to 2,400 JPY!

Yakuza6: Poem of Life.

Yakuza6 命の詩。
Yakuza6: Poem of Life
PlayStation Store

The latest numbering title in Sega Games' popular "Yakuza" series. This is the last title of the previous main character "Kazuma Kiryu".
At the Tokyo Game Show 2019, new footage of the latest title "Yakuza7: Whereabouts of Light and Darkness" will be shown and played, and a "Yakuza Special Program in Tokyo Game Show 2019" will be broadcast!
"Yakuza6: Poem of Life." is 50% off from 8,845 JPY to 4,422 JPY!

Super Robot Wars T

Super Robot Wars T
PlayStation Store

Author's recommended series! The latest in Namco Bandai's strategy simulation "Super Robot Wars" series!
In addition to the Gundam series, Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, and other familiar titles, "Magic Knight Rayearth", "Cowboy Bebop", and other non-Super Robot titles also appear! The "Cowboy Bebop" production will make you shiver!
Super Robot Wars T is 29% off from 9,288 JPY to 6,502 JPY!
The Bonus Scenario Full Pack, which includes the side story of the main story and special bonus features, is also available at a 20% discount from 3,150 JPY to 2,520 JPY!
The Expansion Pack, which allows you to enjoy additional scenarios after completing the main game, is also a bargain at 10% off, from 2,500 JPY to 2,250 JPY!

Lowest price and biggest discount!

Since many additional contents are also included in the "TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019 Commemorative Sale", the lowest price and the biggest discount will be offered on the main game.

Aqua Kitty DX

Aqua Kitty DX
PlayStation Store

The lowest price is for "Aqua Kitty DX", which is available only for PS Plus subscribers, from 699 JPY to 279 JPY, a 60% discount!

The new Pocky I bought yesterday cost 300 JPY, so it's cheaper than Pocky!

The official price says "up to 85% off", but the biggest discount this time is 90% off for 3 games!

Lord of Apocalypse

ロード オブ アポカリプス
Lord of Apocalypse
PlayStation Store

Lord of Apocalypse for PS Vita is 90% off from 5,122 JPY to 499 JPY!

Miracle Girls Festival

Miracle Girls Festival
PlayStation Store

Miracle Girls Festival for PS Vita is 90% off from 7,549 JPY to 754 JPY!

Uta Gumi 575

Utagumi 575
PlayStation Store

Uta Gumi 575 went from 7,560 JPY to 756 JPY, 90% off!

It was!

The sale will last until September 25th!

PlayStation Store's "TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019 Commemorative Sale" is going on now and will last until Wednesday, September 25th!
There are so many great titles in this sale that you might buy too many!

Please check the PlayStation Store "TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019 Commemorative Sale" special page for the titles included in the "TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019 Commemorative Sale "!

Up to 77% off
Up to 77% off "END OF SUMMER SALE" on PS Store!...

"END OF SUMMER SALE" is holding it in PS Store! Introduce the recommendation title by writer's dogma and prejudice and the high title of the disc

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