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"JeGT" launched! Professional racers compete in esports!


It has been a long time since people started to talk about young people leaving cars. The car industry is also making various efforts to attract young people.

Among them, "JeGT", a racing category in which professional racing teams compete in a racing game, has been launched.

Motor sports and e-sports, the best of both worlds!


Motor sports such as "F1" and "D1 GRAND PRIX" are very popular both in Japan and abroad, and the e-sports industry has been growing significantly in recent years, especially among the younger generation.

Japan electronic sports Grand Touring = JeGT was launched as a new initiative that mixes these two industries.

In addition to races, the event will also feature demo car exhibits, talk shows, and ride-alongs.

The event is designed to be just like an actual motorsports event, and will also appeal to the appeal of real motorsports.

During the races, visitors will be able to see the driving techniques of professional racers, which are rarely seen.

It will be an event where visitors can experience the realism and power of motorsports with the live feel that is possible only with e-sports.

Most circuits are located far from the city center, making them inaccessible by train, bus, or car.

On the other hand, e-sports can be held at event spaces in shopping malls.

Will JeGT be an event that even those who are interested in racing but find it difficult to go to the circuit to watch it can easily visit?

Preliminary Rounds to be held in Kobe on September 29th!

The series is scheduled to begin in April 2020 with a year-round series of races, but before that, the JeGT ZERO ROUND @KOBE will be held in Kobe on September 29, 2019.

Up to 12 racing teams will compete. Currently,"Trust", a major tuning parts manufacturer, has announced its participation.

This is a mix of real and virtual.

We will keep an eye on how the event will grow in popularity.


"ZERO ROUND @KOBE" Event Outline
Date Sunday, September 29, 2019
Time (tentative) 10:00~18:00 (Tournament) / 10:00~16:00 (Outdoor Event)
Venue Kobe Fashion Mart 1F Atrium Plaza (Race Venue)
Rokko Island River Mall Park, Event Plaza (outdoor venue)
Titles to be used PlayStation®4 "Gran Turismo SPORT"
Organizer JeGT Executive Committee
Official Website URL https://www.jegt.jp/
Domain registrant name Dentetsu Shoji Co.
What kind of game is "racing game", which is an esports competition?
What kind of game is "racing game", which is an esports competition?...

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