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Virtual exhibitions and LIVE distributions are also available! The 2021 Musashino Art University Art Festival's first online event! From Friday, October 29 to Sunday, October 31

バーチャル展示やLIVE配信も!2021年度武蔵野美術大学芸術祭 初のオンライン開催!10月29日(金) 〜31日(日)まで

The Musashino Art University Art Festival 2021 will be held for three days from Friday, October 29.
Although the festival was cancelled last year due to the impact of the new coronavirus, this year, for the first time in its history, it will be held online, with works exhibited in a virtual space, works sold through an online store, and live programs broadcasted.

This year's theme is "MAU Kowloon.


The Musashino Art University Art Festival is known for its unique theme and elaborate world view production every year.

This year's theme is " MAU K owloon" and the title is "Dennou Toshi Mulon" (電脳都市武龍).
The design is reminiscent of Kowloon Castle in Hong Kong, with neon lights glowing suspiciously in the dark, creating an addictive appeal.


武蔵野美術大学芸術祭武蔵野美術大学 芸術祭

In the year 20XX, an unidentified virus broke out in the world.

People are still banned from leaving their homes, and in search of a place to stay, they have turned to the electronic city of "Wulong".
The people created an electronic city called "Mulong" in search of a place to live.

However, there are rumors that once you enter the city, you can never leave...


MAU LIVE" will be distributed on YouTube for three days, featuring video works and live broadcasts by volunteer circles and groups.
The videos and projects created by each group are special works for the Art Festival that can only be seen here.

Virtual Exhibition

武蔵野美術大学芸術祭武蔵野美術大学 芸術祭

The exhibition of student works is an event unique to an art university.
This year, a "virtual exhibition" will be held using the virtual space of the virtual SNS cluster.
Even if you do not have VR goggles, anyone can easily enter and view the exhibition using a dedicated application on a smartphone or PC. We hope you will enjoy the richly individualistic works of the students exhibited in the virtual space.

武蔵野美術大学芸術祭武蔵野美術大学 芸術祭

Market & Official Goods on Sale!

This year, the annual sale of works is being held at the Hand Mate Market service operated by GMO Pepabo Inc.
Search " #minne's School Festival Tour " and " #SUZURI's School Festival Tour " to see a variety of original works by Mousavi students.

Check the official SNS for the latest information!

The Musashino Art University Art Festival's official Twitter feed will announce the live streaming time schedule for the day and provide information on the participating students' exhibits.
In addition, information is also posted on the official Instagram and the official website, so check them out!


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