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Preliminary Rounds of "RAGE Shadowverse 2019 Autumn"

Preliminary Rounds of

The qualifying tournament for "RAGE Shadowverse 2019 Autumn" was held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba for two days on July 20 and 21!

Following the previous RAGE 2019 Summer, Saiga NAK was there again this time, and we'll be reporting on the event!

6,000 players competing to become finalists!

RAGE Shadowverse 2019 Autumn
RAGE Shadowverse 2019 Autumn
Saiga NAK編集部

In Day 1, Preliminary Rounds took place on July 20, 6,000 players who won the right to compete out of the many entries played matches.

Then, a total of 650 players, including those who won the tournament and those who were seeded, participated in the matches on Day 2.

The saiganak.com headed to the venue for Day 2, since only players who won 5 or more matches in Day 1 or seeded players qualified for Day 2, in other words, all the fiercest players.

It was nerve-wracking even before we entered the hall...!

Sub-events for you to enjoy even if you don't qualify!

Sub-event venue
Saiga NAK編集部

Unlike Day 1, The tournament had 6,000 players, Day 2 had 650.

I thought there might not be many participants, but the venue had such a large number of people coming and going.

Once again, I realize how large the number of competitors is.

In addition to the qualifying tournament as the main event, there were five side events: a 2Pick tournament, a star-capture battle, a 4-player flight-style tournament, a drawing for prizes, and the Kanashii Cup.

So even non-players in the qualifying tournaments could enjoy this RAGE as players!

Participants are eager to battle for the stars!

Battle for the Stars
Saiga NAK編集部

Among them, the booth for the Hoshi-tori Battle attracted many participants.

The competition is to see how many winners you can collect within a time limit, so one of the attractions of this event is that it allows players who have never met each other to interact with each other.

The atmosphere was different from that of the main competition, with players chatting and laughing during the games.

The number of stars collected at the tournament is used to enter a drawing for prizes not for sale, and some of the players had piled up coins like a tower...

Serious battles take place in the qualifying rounds.

Preliminary Rounds
Saiga NAK編集部

On the other hand, this is the area for the preliminary contest.

The players who have won out of 6,000 to advance to the finals are competing.

A little far away from the lively and exciting side event area, the games were going on very quietly here.

The players were serious about their games, and you could feel their spirit...!

Players competing in the preliminary round
Saiga NAK編集部

The first round started at 9:30 a.m., and the seventh round was to begin six hours later!

Players are required to have the physical strength to fight through such a long period of time. It is a world that is harder than you can imagine.

I would like to thank all the participants for their hard work....

Participants watching the live feed
Saiga NAK編集部

Spectators are also excited! The excitement that can only be experienced at the venue!

The matches can be viewed on the monitors set up in the venue.

Just like the previous RAGE 2019 Summer finals, there were loud cheers this time too!

It's frustrating that I can't convey this live feeling through text alone...!

Even professional players are struggling!
Saiga NAK編集部

Playoffs with 64 players who made it through the qualifying rounds.

Tournaments will be held in 8 groups up to the 3rd round, and the winners of the tournaments will advance to the finals.

Even professional players struggle in this tournament. It seems to be a tumultuous event.

Among the 64 players who made it out of 6,000 players, there were some female players.

The spectator area is filled with loud cheers.

Warm applause for the players!
Saiga NAK編集部

The playoff tournament is also being streamed in the spectator area.

In the final game between Asword and Bonchi, which was chosen as the final game of the tournament, many people continued to watch the game even after 8:00 p.m.

The match was a back-and-forth battle, and the crowd cheered even louder than before. The crowd cheered louder than ever!

And the winner of this match was Bonchi! She is the first female finalist! Congratulations!

The audience gave a warm round of applause in praise of both players, a fitting ending for the last distribution of the day.

Mr. chun answering to an interview.
Saiga NAK編集部

The finals will be held in September!

How was the event? It was very impressive to see the joyful expressions on the faces of the participants at all the events.

The eight winners of this year's preliminary competition will compete in the finals to be held on September 21 at Akihabara UDX!

This is a live event that can only be experienced at the venue. If you have never been there, please come and experience it for yourself!

RAGE Shadowverse 2019 Autumn
RAGE Shadowverse 2019 Autumn
Saiga NAK編集部
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