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Solo mode appeared! Battle Royale FPS "Apex Legends"!

Solo mode appeared! Battle Royale FPS

Battle royale games such as "PUBG", "Fortnite", and "KNIVES OUT" are extremely popular and played by everyone from light users to professional gamers, young and old, male and female.
In battle royale games, everyone around you is basically an enemy and the objective is to survive until you are the last man standing, but "Apex Legends" is different.
The game is different from other battle royale games in that you have to help your team members and sometimes abandon them, not to mention your individual skills.
Apex Legends" is all about 3-player teams, but for a limited time, a solo mode has been implemented!

New Elements of the Iron Crown Collection Event

Last month, "Apex Legends" launched its Season 2 Battle Charge, with various updates and new environments for players to battle it out in.
To further heat up the Season 2 Battle Charge, the "Iron Crown Collection Event" is being held today, with many new features in addition to the Solo Mode!

Limited Time Offer - Solo Mode

"Apex Legends" is all about 3-player teams, but we also like to enjoy the tense atmosphere where everyone is an enemy except you.
In Solo Mode, you can feel the tension of such an extreme situation!
The company will not comment on whether or not the solo mode will become a fixed content in the future, but they will provide feedback and opinions, so if it is well received, then maybe...!
Don't forget to play the solo mode, as it's only available from today, August 14, through August 28 (CET)!

Octane Map Modification

The legendary "Octane" has modified parts of KINGS CANYON!
The giant jump pad course, the ring of fire, and other adrenaline-pumping features are just the kind of things that Octane likes.
You'll have to see for yourself what kind of state it's in!
This modification will remain after the "Iron Crown Collection Event" is over, and if it is well received, other legends may also renovate KINGS CANYON... so keep playing and send us your thoughts!

Iron Crown Limited Edition Collection Pack

Apex Legends
Apex Legends
Apex Legends公式サイト

Apex Legends' well-known collection event, the "Iron Crown Collection Pack" is now available.
The pack contains 24 items with a common theme and a 50% chance of getting a "Super Rare Item" and a "Legendary Item" respectively.
The packs do not contain normal or rare items and do not contain duplicates of the same item, so if you have unlocked all 12 "Super Rare Items", you are guaranteed to get a "Legendary Item".

Iron Crown Event Store

The "Iron Crown Collection Event" will feature a new event currency called "Crowns".
You can unlock exclusive "Rare", "Super Rare", and "Legendary Rare" items at the Event Store using "Crowns" earned from Challenges and "Iron Crown Collection Packs". You can unlock exclusive "Rare", "Super Rare" and "Legendary Rare" items at the Event Store.
If you unlock all 24 collectibles during the event, you will be able to get the Bloodhound Super Legendary Set for Apex Coins, so be sure to unlock them all!
The Iron Crown Event Store will be an exclusive event item, so you want to make sure you get it.

Event Challenge for free items!

During the "Iron Crown Collection Event", you can get items by completing various challenges.
You can get 2 Iron Crown Collection Packs, an Iron Crown Limited Event Badge, and a Crown, so keep on challenging!

Double XP for Top 5 and Winning over the weekend!

Players who finish in the top 5 from August 17 at 2:00 AM to August 20 at 2:00 AM will earn double their normal experience!
That means this is valid for both Account Level and Battle Pass, so this weekend is all about Apex!

Two weeks to play!

The "Iron Crown Collection Event" will run for two weeks from August 14 to August 28 (Japan time)!
There will be plenty to do besides solo mode, such as completing items and aiming for the top 5 to get double the experience! Let's take advantage of the Obon vacation to play around!

For more information, please visit the official Apex Legends website!

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Apex Legends
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