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Considers cancell "Nintendo Live 2019" because of Typhoon No. 19

Considers cancell

It has been officially announced that "Nintendo Live 2019" scheduled to be held on Sunday, October 13 and Monday 14, 2019 at the Kyoto International Conference Center may be cancelled depending on the path of the recent typhoon No. 19.

Largest typhoon of the year

The current Typhoon No. 19 is the largest typhoon that has occurred in 2019.
According to the current forecast, it is likely to approach the Japanese archipelago in the morning of Saturday, October 12 and make landfall through Sunday, October 13 without losing much strength and with a storm zone.
The cancellation of the event is being considered in order to ensure the safety of visitors.

台風19号 進路予想(10月8日12時現在)
Typhoon No. 19 Path Forecast (as of October 8, 12:00 pm)

Stay tuned to Twitter for further information

Official information on whether Nintendo Live 2019 will be held or cancelled will be announced on the Twitter account " Nintendo Live 2019 Information for Visitors ".
Recently, there has been an increase in the number of severe typhoons in Japan. Those who plan to attend "Nintendo Live 2019" should check the situation and consider their own personal safety as their top priority before acting.

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