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Two wings in the sky?! Powersaka collaborates with Captain Tsubasa! New scenario distribution starts from today!


Konami 's two most popular sports games are the "Powerful Pro Baseball " series and " Winning Eleven " series.
Both series have a long history as full-fledged sports games, with Pawapuro featuring realistic characters with two heads and Win-Eleven featuring realistic expressions of the players.
Both are long-running, authentic sports games, and their popularity is such that even professional players have fans, and there are rumors that they have become active in the game in order to improve their own abilities in the game.
The soccer game app for smartphones that has been available since 2016 is called " Jikkyo Powerful Soccer, " which is a mix of Pawapuro and Wiileye.
Like Power Pro, it is a soccer game in which players play as 2-headed characters, but in the world of Pawasaka, one of the most popular soccer manga series has made an appearance!
The world-famous " Captain Tsubasa " will be collaborating with Pawasaka!

Today, November 11, 2020, the "Nankatsu High School" version will begin distribution!

Pawasaka Collaborates with Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa," or " Captain Tsubasa," is a soccer success story manga that has been serialized since 1981 and now has fans not only in Japan but also all over the world.
Many people have started playing soccer because they admire the main character "Captain Tsubasa Ozora," who believes that "the ball is your friend.
It is a representative work of soccer manga that has made soccer a nationally popular sport in Japan.
Hidetoshi Nakata, Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi, and other Japanese national team players, as well as the famous player Iniesta, and world-class players Messi andMbappe, have publicly stated that they love reading the manga, and for a while it was even talked about that "the lack of decisiveness in the Japanese national team is because everyone admires Tsubasa Ozora, the midfielder. The collaboration with Cap Tsubasa is a great opportunity for the Power Rangers to showcase their power.
The collaboration with Captain Tsubasa is now being held in Pawasaka! The new scenario "Nankatsu High School" version will be available from today, November 11, 2020 (Wednesday )!

Pawasaka collaborates with Captain Tsubasa

In the original story, the main character " Tsubasa Oozora " boasts a head the size of a supermodel, but in Pawasaka, he is deformed to have two heads.
However, even with his two heads, his creed remains unchanged. You may even hear him say that line in Pawasaka...?

If you like soccer, you must know the name "Captain Tsubasa".
It's my favorite book! Whether you have read it or not, why don't you immerse yourself in the world of Captain Tsubasa in Pawasaka?
For more information, please visit the official Pawasaka website or read the in-game announcement!


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