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Cosplayer "Sumire Ojisan" shows Fate/EXTRA "Nero Claudius" in swimsuit cosplay!


Popular cosplayer "Sumire Ojisan (@hamuhamurasaki)" cosplayed as Fate EXTRA "Nero Claudius" in the November 13, 2020 (Friday) issue of the photo weekly magazine "FRIDAY" and revealed rare swimsuit cosplay photos.

Actress as well as cosplayer

Sumire Ojisan is trained in Chinese martial arts and has received high praise for her performance in recreating the movements of the characters she cosplays.
She will also be making her acting debut as a main cast member in Nobuhiro Suzumura's theater company "Asobi Dramatic" because of her performance and acting skills.


FRIDAY is also available as an e-book subscription

You can watch the "Sumire Ojisan" swimsuit cosplay photos on FRIDAY, but they are only available for purchase in Japan.
But rest assured, you can subscribe to FRIDAY on all major e-book services.

You can subscribe to FRIDAY through the all-you-can-read service, and the e-book service is as follows.

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