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Transcend and Soso Shochu "Forge Takatan" collaboration campaign is held today! A chance to get a generous SD card & shiso shochu!


On Wednesday, July 20, 2022, " Transcend," a popular Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer, and Oenon Group's shiso shochu " Kinkotan " will collaborate!
A campaign has been started to give away a variety of prizes from both companies!

Transcend x KITAKATAN Collaboration Campaign!

What is the connection between "Transcend" and "Kakotan"? Some of you may wonder, "What is the connection between Transcend and Kakotan?
However, this is not the case! Transcend has an extremely cute character named Transcend Tan!
And speaking of "Tan," there is also "Tantakatan.
So this collaboration was a foregone conclusion.


Twitter campaign collaboration between "Kakotan" and "Transcend"!
Three winners will be selected by drawing! Gorgeous prizes with plenty of capacity as...!

  • One 256GB microSDXC card
  • 2 1.8L bottles of " Kashitan Umeshu" (plum wine)
  • 2 bottles of shiso shochu (shiso shochu liquor) KITTAKATAN 1.8 pack

You can win a prize of "1.8L bottle of Shiso Shochu KITTAKA-TAN"!
In addition, since July 20 is T-shirt Day, a Transcend T-shirt and aTantakatan T-shirt will be included as extra prizes!
To participate in the campaign, all you have to do is follow the official Transcend Japan account (@Transcend_Japan) and the official Shiso Shochu Kitakatan account (@tantakatan_godo ) and retweet the target tweet!
It's that easy!

The deadline for application is Sunday, July 31, 2022. The winner will be selected by drawing!
This is a chance to win a high-capacity microSDXC card and a bottle of sake at the same time, so please take advantage of this opportunity and enter!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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【Opening ceremony】Cospa preeminent! Buy Transcend NAS "StoreJet Cloud 210N"!...

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