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"Devotion"by"Red Candle Games" Now on steam


Famous in Taiwan style horror, "Red Candle Games" released a new game "Devotion".
Because of the success of their first game "Detention", new game "DevOtion" also attracted attention from Taiwan and other countries.
I believe many game lovers did click the "Buy" button and enjoyed the game after the official countdown of the game release.

To the world

Saiga NAK

The previous game "Detention" is about Martial law in Taiwan in the 1960s, focusing on the concept of freedom.
It is difficult to understand if the foreign game player is not familiar with the history of Taiwan.
The new game "Devotion" is about Taiwan in the 1980s, and the theme is superstition which could be happened all over the world. To compare with the previous game, obviously "Devotion" is more easy-understanding.

Full of Taiwan style

Although "Devotion" targeted not only the Taiwan market but also players in the world, Red Candle Game added numerous details to create a Taiwan atmosphere.
Mosaic bathtub, bird sound doorbell, Glazed Tile and the pattern on the door is the collective Memories of people living in Taiwan in the 1980s. Some old buildings in Taiwan nowadays remain the same decoration and interior design which is exactly the same as the house in "Devotion". No wonder Taiwan player will call this brilliant game as "Grandma's house simulator".

Economic takeoff and superstition

In the 80s, due to the booming economy in Taiwan, people had a dream to be upstarts by any means. Some even asked for the power from religions.
For those who were not benefited in the growing economy, they were more prone to believe in the superpower. There were many tragedies related to this phenomenon.

Different paths

The game, Devolution, is about a tragedy that happened in a family of a screenwriter father, a superstar mother, and a daughter who was long for being a new star.
They used their way to express their loves; however, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
The actual problem was social value but not superstition. The ending of the story might be different if the story happened in different time.