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The release date of the series's masterpiece and the famous "Romancing Saga 3 HD Remaster" is finally decided!

シリーズ最高傑作と名高い「ロマンシング サガ3 HDリマスター」の発売日が遂に決定!

Square's (now Square Enix) popular RPG "Romancing Saga" series. Hereafter referred to as "Romancing Saga.
The three games were released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), and the groundbreaking system and deep storyline have made this series a huge hit with many fans.
In 2018, the smartphone app "Romancing Saga Re-Universe " was released, attracting more and more players, especially fans from back then.

The first game in the Romancing Saga series, "Romancing Saga," was remade for the PlayStation 2 and released as "Romancing Saga: Minstrel Song" in 2005, and the second game, "Romancing Saga 2," was released as an i-appli The second game, "Romancing Saga 2", was released as an i-appli, a smartphone app, and a remastered version was released on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Steam, etc. in 2017, but "Romancing Saga 3", which is arguably the best game in the series, has not been remastered. The development of a remaster of "Romancing Saga 3," arguably the best of the series, was announced, but the release date remained undecided.

But finally! At last! The release date for the remastered version of Romancing Saga 3, "Romancing Saga 3 HD Remaster," was announced yesterday during the "Romancing Saga 3 & Romancing Saga Re-Universe" joint special program! The release date of "Romancing Saga 3 HD Remaster" was announced during the "Romancing Saga 3 & Romancing Saga Re-Universe" joint special program!

What is Romancing Saga 3?

ロマンシング サガ3
Romancing Saga 3

Romancing Saga 3" is a Super Nintendo RPG released in 1995.
In addition to allowing the player to choose the main character from among eight male and eight female characters and advance the story, the game featured a free narrative system that changed the story depending on the player's actions and choices during the story, which was revolutionary at the time.

The game was highly acclaimed in various aspects, including its profound scenario and detailed dot-drawing graphics, which were also a late title for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.
Of course, the "flash" of techniques and the "formation system" that changes combat abilities are also present.

More than just a remaster!

Romancing Saga 3 HD Remaster" is more than just an HD remastering of the original!
New dungeons have been added, and episodes that were not depicted in the original version have been added, making the game even more challenging and deepening the story.
I think it is safe to say that this is the complete version of "Romancing Saga 3".

ロマンシング サガ3 HDリマスター
Romancing Saga 3 HD Remaster
『ロマンシング サガ3』HDリマスター版トレーラー
ロマンシング サガ3 HDリマスター
Romancing Saga 3 HD Remaster
『ロマンシング サガ3』HDリマスター版トレーラー
ロマンシング サガ3 HDリマスター
Romancing Saga 3 HD Remaster
『ロマンシング サガ3』HDリマスター版トレーラー

Playable on Various Platforms

Romancing Saga 3 HD Remaster will be released on November 11, 2019, the same day the original was released in 1995! Emo!
The price is 3,500 yen (tax included) and will be available only as a downloadable version.
The platforms we're interested in are PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows 10, Steam, PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android! You definitely have one of these already!
Whether you played the best of the evolved Romancing Saga series back then or you haven't, you're in for a treat!

The official website for "Romancing Saga 3 HD Remaster" currently only has a trailer and product information, but check back soon as more information may be added!


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