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Bet on the survival of 64 people! I tried cross-playing "Super Bomberman R Online"!

64人の生き残りを賭けろ!「スーパーボンバーマン R オンライン」をクロスプレイしてみた!

After all, the game needs passion and excitement. In other words, a hot battle! In other words, hot battles! Speaking of hot battles, " Super Bomberman R Online " just recently started distribution on May 27, 2021 (Thursday).
I wandered around the office looking for a target to see if anyone here would be interested in a battle royale of 64 survivors or a hot 1vs1 Bomberman match.

スーパーボンバーマン R オンライン
One guy looks serious.
Saiga NAK

Oh, ....... There is a young man at work. He looks very serious about his work.
But I'm going to ask him to play " Super Bomberman R Online " now.
I can tell. He wants it! And he needs it! A hot, fiery battle! (Maybe)

What a pleasure it is to announce that Konami Digital Entertainment has kindly provided us with a premium pack!
Thank you so much!

Then, let's give him the best stage of battle, the Premium Pack, for his need for hot battles.
So let's get started. Let's start with the Premium Pack's exclusive elements....
Let's not get into the details, but let him first learn what Bomberman is all about!

Let's get to play right away.
Saiga NAK

"Feel free to play.

A man who plays as he is told
Saiga NAK

So he's going to play right away. This adaptability shows that he has potential as a Bomberman player.
And my keen eyesight is not offended!

He gets into the game
Saiga NAK

It's a battle royal, and it's a blast of chaos. He quickly changed to a light suit, as he found it too difficult to play in a suit.
He is absorbed in the atmosphere of the battle royale, which conveys a sense of tension and survival straight to the audience.

Something is wrong with his body!
Saiga NAK

Oh? Something is growing out of him.
It seems that he has awakened to the thrilling battle for survival in Super Bomberman R Online.
While the excitement of the 64-player battle royale is still fresh in his mind, let's go to the Premium Pack exclusive elements this time!

This is where the real fun begins!

Are you on your feet from overzealousness?
Saiga NAK

Of course! This time it doesn't end there. You're probably getting used to playing, so let's change things up!
As I mentioned earlier. We've been given this! There's no reason not to play!
Let's cross play in a private room with a room match that comes with the "Premium Pack"!

Where will we go?
Saiga NAK

Come on, fight me at ....... What's that?

The back of a dignified warrior.

Saiga NAK

How dignified. I have witnessed the birth of a new Bomberman warrior.
He seems to be strolling around the office to find a strong enemy.

The warrior who challenges the battle in high spirits.

Saiga NAK

And a warrior who has found his target.

Warrior: "Let's get our white bongs and black bongs straight!


The line is perfect. He seems to have understood what Bomberman is all about.

Silence surrounds the area.

Saiga NAK

Surprisingly calm play. I see. So those who lack composure are the ones who fall prey to the blast! I'm learning!

You too can find your favorite character!
Saiga NAK

It looks like the Premium Pack comes with 14 characters.

Check out the Super Bomberman R Online Character page

for more information on each character, or see for yourself what they can do! By the way, our warrior seems to like the "Naked Snake Bomber". A very good character choice for a warrior.

Serious one-on-one competition!

Saiga NAK

As one would expect from an awakened warrior. He is advancing the match without a hitch.

The warrior wins. Well done.
Saiga NAK

This time we are playing a simple 1vs1 match, but you can also play up to 3vs3 team matches

at ..... I can't stop being excited!

Looking closely?
Saiga NAK

By the way, the game hardware, the pocketbook used by our warriors, has changed from Nintendo Switch to PS5

I see, what have I done....

Yes, " Super Bomberman R Online " can be played on a wide range of platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam ), and is cross-platform compatible!

He was also playing on PS5 to tell you that you should " play this game with your friends on a wide range of platforms! That's what I'm talking about!

Let's Bomberman together!

Warriors happy to be able to play on so many hardware platforms!
Saiga NAK

I'm very happy that cross-play support makes it possible for anyone to enjoy hot battles. It's a great way to have fun with friends. Now, since the warriors seem to want it too, let's try it again: .......

Super Bomberman R Online " is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam ), and is cross-platform!

This time we played "Super Bomberman R Online" mainly in the private room mode that comes with the " Premium Pack ", but of course there is also a lot to love in the main game mode, which is a 64-player battlow-style game where players fight for survival. Of course, the main game mode, in which 64 players battle it out for survival, also has a lot of charm! It's a great game that can be enjoyed alone or with family and friends, so we hope you will give "Super Bomberman R Online" a try.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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