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Streamers or Models


Saiga NAK is looking for streamers, models to appear on our site, and manufacturers to appear in our promotional projects!
We do this at the Saiga NAK office(Hong Kong, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City), but we can also do it at various locations depending on the project and the situation.

Model shoots are held in the suburbs of Tokyo, but we also shoot in a variety of locations depending on the content and circumstances of the project.


The streaming time will be 1-2 hours and will be broadcast on Saiga NAK' Twitch account.

Past Examples

Streamers Wanted
Streamers Wanted
Streamers Wanted

About the Model

You will be asked to appear in Saiga NAK. If the project is a joint project with another company, you may be asked to appear in other media as well.


  • 18 years and older
  • Those who do not belong to or have a contract with an organization such as an office, or those who do not have any affiliation or contractual problems.
  • Twitter and other social media users

How to apply

Please contact us using the inquiry form below.
We will reply to you within 5 business days. We will reply within 5 business days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Japanese national holidays. It may take some time for us to reply depending on the situation.

Apply using the contact form

*The contact form is currently under maintenance. Please contact Saiga NAK official Twitter for any assistance you may need.