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The final game of this season! "CAPCOM Pro Tour 2021" Japanese live broadcast of Japan Convention 4!

今シーズン最終戦!「CAPCOM Pro Tour 2021」日本大会4の日本語実況放送実施!

With the release of "Luke," the last character added to Season 5, the final season of the "Street Fighter V Champion Edition " (STV), all characters are now available for use.
With all characters now available for use, the "CAPCOM Pro Tour 2021" (CPT 2021), the world's largest online tournament that has been held since April 2021, will finally reach its final round.
Just as the opening round was Japan Tournament 1, the final Japan Tournament 4 will be held in Japan, the birthplace of Street Fighter !
And as is customary at CPT 2021, we will be broadcasting the event live in Japanese!

The two-day event will be held on January 22nd and 23rd!

"CAPCOM Pro Tour 2021" Japan Tournament 4 will be held online on January 22 (Sat) and 23 (Sun), 2022.
The live Japanese-language broadcast will cover the matches from Top 16 to Top 8 on the first day, and from Top 8 to the winner of the final match on the second day.
The host for this event will again be the well-known comedy duo " NO Motion," with Hoshino Kotetsu of the comedy duo " NO Motion. Hoshino Kotetsu of the comedy duo " NO Motion. (@NO79369371) and Tomoyuki Yano.(@NOMO_INFO), Earl(@papatiwawa) as the play-by-play commentator, and Hameko (@hameko) as the commentator. (@nomo_info) and Tomoyuki Yano (@nomo_info), Earl (@papatiwawa) for play-by-play, and Hameco (@hameko ) for commentary.
Let's witness the world's most exciting battle for the last time this season with your own eyes!

Moderator, Commentary and Commentary

The broadcast is scheduled to start at 16:45 on both days ! The streaming platforms will be Capcom Fighters JP official YouTube channel, CAPCOM Fighters JP official Twitch channel and CAPCOM Fighters JP official Mildom channel!

Special Japan Tournament 4 pre-programming will be broadcast!

In addition to the Japanese-language play-by-play broadcast, we will also be broadcasting a special pre -conference program, which was very popular at the Japan Tournament 2 and 3 !
Hameco, who will be providing commentary on the live broadcast, will pick up the most popular matches and give a replay commentary. The program will feature replay commentary on the matches picked up by Hameko, who will be commentating on the live broadcasts.
In addition, the two members of NO Motion Co. and Earl, the play-by-play commentator, will challenge Japan Tournament 4!
The special pre-show will also feature the games of the three players, so it is a must-watch broadcast to enjoy all the details of the Japan Tournament 4.
The special pre-show will be broadcast on the official YouTube channel of Capcom Fighters JP on the first day of the tournament, Saturday, January 22, 2022, starting at 11:50 a.m.!

Campaign to win gorgeous prizes!

In commemoration of "CAPCOM Pro Tour 2021" Japan Tournament 4, two campaigns will be held to win luxurious prizes.
The first is a campaign in which you can win prizes from the two members of "NO Motion," who will be challenging the Japan Tournament 4. The first is the " NO Motion: Earl's Support Campaign" to support the two members of NO Motion. The first is the "NO Motion: Support Earl Present Campaign " to support the two members of "NO Motion" and Mr. Earl!

NO Motion. Earl's Support Present Campaign

The first is the "NO Motion: Earl's Cheering Campaign," in which 11 winners will be selected by drawing, starting with those who read their "cheering comments" to the three players on the program.
As for the prizes, one lucky winner will win a " HyperX Gaming Headset "! Ten winners will receive a " CPT2021 Original Coach Jacket " by lottery!
The "CPT2021 Original Coach Jacket" is black in color and comes in size L.
To enter, follow the official "CAPCOM eSports" Twitter account (@CAPCOM_eSports) and quote the following campaign tweet with your support comment and the hashtag "#CPT Support". You'll get a chance to win!
Of course we want to win the gorgeous prizes, but above all, your support will help the three of us. Let's cheer them on so that they can achieve good results in the final round of the season!

The second campaign will be the well-known " Japan Tournament 4 Prediction Campaign "!

Japan Tournament 4 Winner Prediction Campaign

After the first day of the tournament, the official CAPCOM eSports Twitter account (@CAPCOM_eSports) will post a tweet introducing the Top 8 players.
All you have to do to enter is follow the official Twitter account and retweet the tweet introducing the player you think will win! And you can retweet more than one!
Among those who guess correctly, two winners will receive a " HyperX Gaming Headset " and 10 winners will receive a " CPT2021 Original Coach Jacket"!
The "CPT2021 Original Coach Jacket" is black in color and comes in size L.
Entries will be accepted after the first day of the tournament, so watch the matches on the first day of the tournament and predict the winners.

CAPCOM CUP VIII may be cancelled, but there will be an exhibition!

CAPCOM CUP VIII" and "Street Fighter League: World Championship 2021", the finals of the "CAPCOM Pro Tour 2021" scheduled to be held in Los Angeles in February 2022, have been cancelled. However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the "Street Fighter League: World Championship 2021" has been cancelled.
However, as an alternative event, an exhibition match featuring players who have qualified for the "CAPCOM CUP VIII" is being considered!
In addition to the three winners of Japan Tournament 1-3, Mago(@magotto3), Higuchi(@SNB_higuchi0914), and Umehara(@daigothebeastJP ), the winner of Japan Tournament 4 may also participate.
Since these players represent the powerful nation of Japan, I am sure that the exhibition matches as a whole will be of great interest, so let's look forward to hearing more about them!
For more details, please check the "CAPCOM Pro Tour 2021" live webcast site in Japan!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

21474今シーズン最終戦!「CAPCOM Pro Tour 2021」日本大会4の日本語実況放送実施!
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"CAPCOM CUP VIII" and "SFL: World Championship 2021" scheduled to be held in the U.S. in February 2022 canceled due to the spread of Omicron strain infection
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