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Who is the WEAPON MASTER? Fighting game「SOULCALIBUR VI」Tournament to be held on March 21!

Who is the WEAPON MASTER? Fighting game「SOULCALIBUR VI」Tournament to be held on March 21!

"SOULCALIBUR VI The WEAPON MASTER" will be held by Bandai Namco Entertainment in Nakano, Tokyo, to find the strongest sword master in Soul Calibur VI! SOULCALIBUR VI was released in October of 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Steam, and has received praise as one of the best games in the series thus far.

The tournament will consist of eight players, inviting seed players from the previous Weapon Master competition and some of the top players from the same day preliminaries. The winner, "WEAPON MASTER" will be given the title of "swordsman". Should the winner be a Japanese resident, the possibilities for being able to take part in foreign tournaments will increase.

About the Tournament

Date and time Thursday, March 21, 2019. 11am ~ 10pm
Place Red Bull Gaming Sphere Tokyo (Nakano)

Tournament Structure

■ Same Day Qualifiers (128 competitiors)
Single Elimination Best Two out of Three
■ Final Tournament (8 competitors)
Double Elimination Best Two out of Three (Best Three out of Five in the Preliminaries)
※ The eight competitors will be composed of invited players and the day's top qualifiers.
Check below for details and entry into the Same Day Qualifiers!

Entry Conditions

  • Persons who are the age of 17 or older by the time of the competition (March 21st, 2019).
  • Underage competitors are required to have a guardian's consent.
  • Registration of a Bandai Namco ID or to Side-876 Club is necessary.
  • Please register uing the official entry page with correct information.
  • Players without Japanese nationality may participate, as long as communication in Japanese is possible without any trouble.

※ Advanced entry is possible from Friday, March 1st to Friday, March 15th at 11:59pm.

▼ Official Entry Page