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"Hidetaka Kano and SPYGEA's Bumpy Cup vol.2 Apex Legends" will be held from 20:00 on September 22 (Thu)!

「狩野英孝とSPYGEAの凸凹杯 vol.2 Apex Legends」が9月22日(木)20時から開催決定!

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The popular program "Date ni Ikouze! and SPYGEA will hold an enjoyable Apex Legends tournament " Hidetaka Kano and SPYGEA's Bumpy Cup vol.2 Apex Legends " on September 22, 2022 (Thursday ). The event will be held on Thursday, September 22, 2022.

Hidetaka Kano and SPYGEA's Apex Legends vol. 2 will be held!

狩野英孝とSPYGEAの凸凹杯 vol.2 Apex LegendsPR TIMES

The first tournament was held in March 2022 and received a great response from participating distributors and viewers, so we have decided to hold the second tournament!
A total of 40 people from various genres such as distributors, actors, voice actors, and artists will participate in this tournament, competing as a " duo of two people with uneven abilities" and collaborations that can only be seen here.
The competition is a highly entertaining event that will bring out fun and excitement that cannot be experienced in conventional tournaments by having duos with different abilities compete.
The live commentary will be provided by game casters OooDa (@OooDa) and Yufuna (@_YFNA).

List of Tournament Participants

  • TEAM1: Hidetaka Kano, SPYGEA
  • TEAM2: ShuTa Sueyoshi, Osamintinus III
  • TEAM3: Keita Tachibana, Snakefoot
  • TEAM4: Tatsuomi Hamada, GreedZz
  • TEAM5: Mokou, Junichi Kato
  • TEAM6: Takayuki Oe, Taiji
  • TEAM7: Ryohei Kimura, Lansbury Arthur
  • TEAM8: Oniya, Futon-chan
  • TEAM9: Takuma Usa, Harucha
  • TEAM10: Hitoto Yoshida (M!LK ), Jutaro Yamanaka (M!LK )
  • TEAM11:Funky, Chikunobo
  • TEAM12: Toshizo, Melody
  • TEAM13: Fojo Reo P, Risa Mitaji
  • TEAM14: Repuchin, SLP
  • TEAM15: Masahiro Kawakami, Yuta Higuchi
  • TEAM16: Mayu Sagara, Senna Sorazumi
  • TEAM17: Shinnosuke Tachibana, Toribird
  • TEAM18: Kokoremon, Kento
  • TEAM19: Riran, yunocy
  • TEAM20: Miyako Seto, Dr. Yafuhai

Delivery will be on Thursday, September 22 at 8pm!

Hidetaka Kano and SPYGEA's Convex Cup vol. 2 Apex Legends will be held on Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 8pm.
As for the streaming destination, this distribution will be available on OPENREC, Hidetaka Kano' s viewpoint will be available on Hidetaka Kano's official YouTube channel, and SPYGEA's viewpoint will be available on Twitch.
Each contestant's point of view will also be broadcasted, so be sure to enjoy watching from your favorite contestant's point of view.
For more information on this tournament, please check the tournament overview page or the official Twitter (@kanospygea ).

Date ni Ikoukouzai! presents "Hidetaka Kano and SPYGEA's Apex Legends vol.2" Overview
Hosted by CyberZ, Inc.
Date Thursday, September 22, 2022, 20:00 start
Method Non-attendance, online format


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