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The prize money is 15 million yen! Professional esports team "FENNEL" Wilderness Action Division "Mantis" wins the "2022 Wilderness CHAMPIONSHIP - Hour of Glory"!

賞金1500万円!プロeスポーツチーム「FENNEL」荒野行動部門“Mantis”が「2022荒野CHAMPIONSHIP - 栄光の刻」で優勝!

Mantis, the KNIVES OUT division of the professional e-sports team "FENNEL", won the "KNIVES OUT" the largest official e-sports tournament "Wilderness CHAMPIONSHIP" held on May 28th and 29th, the "FENNEL" team won the title of the best team in Japan. quot;The largest official e-sports tournament, "Wilderness CHAMPIONSHIP", was held on May 28th and 29th, and "Mantis" won the title of "Wilderness Champion" in the FINAL DAY of the tournament.

Mantis" won the championship in reverse order, demonstrating the high level of FENNEL.


The "Wilderness CHAMPIONSHIP," in which "Mantis" won the top prize in Japan, is the largest official tournament in the KNIVES OUT competition scene, which is held once a year and open to all players, regardless of whether they are pro or amateur. This year marked the fourth time the event was held, with a total prize money of 100 million yen, from March to the end of May, 2022. The finals were offline for the first time in two years, and a total of 12 matches were held on May 28 and 29 at a venue in Tokyo with all 20 teams that had won the preliminary rounds.

Mantis, who had also won the "KWL," one of the three major KNIVES OUT leagues, and had a good record, finished 9th in the Eastern Preliminary Round, where the top 10 teams advance to the next stage, and was given a shout-out by their coach, "V3. Mantis, who had also won the "KWL" and performed well in the KWL, was given a blackmail by their coach, "V3.

With encouragement from their coach, the team came in second place on the first day of the "Final Day for the Wilderness Champions," and on the second day, they won the championship in a stunning come-from-behind victory, winning the 15 million yen prize money.

Mantis" became a trending topic on Twitter at the moment of the victory. In addition, "Hornet" in the FENNELKNIVES OUT category also performed well, finishing in 5th place. FENNEL was the only team to win a double award, demonstrating the high level of the entire team in this competition.

Mantis" is almost certain to go pro after winning this tournament. We look forward to more success in the future!

FENNEL Mantis Members

Kun Player


Kouking Player

Kouking 選手

Koroa player

ころあ 選手 PR TIMES

Taki player

Taki 選手 FENNEL

Princess Takahime player

Sea player

Coach V3


Archived viewing available on YouTube!

The tournament and interviews after the win are archived on the official KNIVES OUT YouTube channel, so if you missed it, be sure to check it out!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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