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Chocolate liqueur for Valentine's Day! I've tasted EC's exclusive chocolate liqueur!


KURAND Co., Ltd, which operates the online liquor store "KURAND", is holding a pop-up store at Yurakucho Marui where you can sample their EC-exclusive chocolate liqueurs. We visited the store to sample the EC-exclusive chocolate liqueur!

今年も迫るバレンタインデー!クランドが贈るチョコのお酒”の祭典「バレンタインフェア 2024」が開催中!

The limited time pop-up store of "Cland" opened at Yurakucho Marui!

Pop-up Store
Saiga NAK

We visited Yurakucho Marui to see the pop-up store of "Kurando", an online liquor store, which is now open for a limited time! The pop-up store is located on the first floor of Yurakucho Marui.

Product lineup

A total of seven liqueurs are available! Since February is Valentine's Day, chocolate liqueurs perfect for Valentine's Day were on sale.

Four types of chocolate liqueurs
Saiga NAK
  • Choco Banana at 9 pm
  • Chocolate Mint at 9 pm
  • PISTACHIO -Pistachio liquor
3 kinds of chocolate liqueur
Saiga NAK

I tasted them immediately!

All of the products are attractive, but we tasted three that we were interested in: "Choco Mint at 9pm," "PISTACHIO - Pistachio Sake," and "TOROCHOCO.

Chocolate liqueur tasting
Saiga NAK

The "Choco Mint at 9pm" has the sweetness of chocolate with a refreshing minty aftertaste.

The "PISTACHIO - Pistachio Sake" has a richer flavor with pistachios combined with white chocolate. It was very fresh for me to have pistachios, which I usually eat with alcohol, as a drink. The bright green color is also very nice.

TOROCHOCO", as the name suggests, is very thick and has a nice alcoholic taste. It is very rich and has a moderate alcohol taste, so it is perfect for those who want both sweetness and alcohol. It takes a little time to flow into the mouth when the glass is tilted, so it is probably best to use a spoon to scoop out what is left at the bottom.

All liqueurs are also good to pour over vanilla ice cream for a taste change. After a tiring day at the game, it would be nice to take a break and refresh yourself with a light drink. All the liqueurs were delicious, but I liked "PISTACHIO" so much that I bought a bottle. I heard that it is especially popular among men.

PISTACHIO -ピスタチオのお酒-
PISTACHIO -Pistachio Sake
Saiga NAK

This is a limited time offer, so don't delay!

The pop-up store of the online liquor store "Cland" will be held at Yurakucho Marui from February 1, 2024 (Thu) to February 14, 2024 (Wed ). Chocolate alone is not enough for an adult's Valentine's Day; what they need is alcohol. This chocolate liqueur is perfect for such selfish adults. You can send them to your loved ones to express your feelings, or you can send them to yourself as a reward. There are seven varieties, so you are sure to find one to your liking! For more information on Kurando, please visit the official website of the craft sake store Kurando!

Outline of "Kurando" Pop-up Store
Period February 1, 2024 (Thursday) - February 14, 2024 (Wednesday)
Opening hours 11:00 - 20:00
Access 1F Yurakucho Marui, 2-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo *Business hours are subject to change according to the business hours of Yurakucho Marui.


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