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A must-see for the Chocomin Party! Adult Luxury Chocolate Mint Tricure "Chocolate Mint at 9 Pm" review!


"What is the food that people like and dislike the most? ", probably the first thing many people would name is " chocolate mint."
While the combination of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and refreshing mint is addictive, there are many people who are not fond of the minty aftertaste.
However, despite the fact that people are so divided on whether they like it or not, the popularity of chocolate mint continues to grow year after year, and it has become such an established flavor that it can be called a staple in convenience stores, supermarkets, and ice cream shops, where chocolate mint flavored ice cream, cookies, and cakes are almost always on sale. It has become so well established that it can be called one of the standard flavors.
This time, we will review a new product from " KURAND," a liqueur made from the innovative flavor " choco mint, " which has such a mysterious charm.
It is a luxurious chocolate mint liqueur for adults, " Choco Mint at 9 pm "!


A must have for choco-mint drinkers! The luxurious chocolate mint liqueur for adults, "Choco Mint at 9pm"!

夜9時のチョコミントSaiga NAK

As the name suggests, the luxurious tasting chocolate mint liqueur " Choco Mint at 9pm" is a must-try!
It is a product inspired by the British culture of "After Dinner Tea," where people enjoy drinks and sweets in an elegant manner. Matsuoka Brewery, a brewery in Saitama Prefecture founded in 1871, has seriously created this drink for people who love chocolate mint, the "Choco Mint Party.

ラベル裏Saiga NAK

The alcohol content is 8%. The alcohol content is 1.5
The ingredients include chocolate and mint, of course.
Ice cream and cookies aside, this is the first time I've seen a chocolate mint li queur, but what does it really taste like?

グラスに注ぐSaiga NAK

When I poured it into a glass, a thick liquid flowed out, as if chocolate had been melted as it was.
According to the official recipe, it can be enjoyed on the rocks with ice or with vanilla ice cream, but I decided to drink it straight first.

グラスに注ぐSaiga NAK

The drink looks and feels like melted chocolate, but it is more like a sweet than an alcoholic beverage.
The rich and mellow chocolate sweetness, combined with the mature aftertaste of alcohol and the refreshing mint flavor, gives it a deep taste that is hard to describe in a single word.
To be honest, I have always had a slight dislike for chocolate mint, but I think I now understand a little better how the "chocomint" crowd feels.

アイスとグラスSaiga NAK

Since it has a strong sweet taste, I think it would be delicious on cheesecake or fruit!
Since it is so sweet, I decided to try it over vanilla ice cream to change the taste.

アイスに注ぐSaiga NAK

Sure enough, the combination of chocolate mint and ice cream is a perfect match!
Of course it's delicious on its own, but you might want to combine it with sweets and have it as an after-dinner dessert!

Sold out by popular demand! Be sure to "Sign up for notifications of new arrivals" so you don't miss out on the restock!

夜9時のチョコミントSaiga NAK

This is my review of the adult luxury chocolate mint liqueur " Choco Mint at 9pm "!
It's just the thing for those with a sweet tooth!
The summer of 2022 is finally upon us, and the heat is getting hotter and hotter with each passing day.
This is the flavor we recommend now that coolness is in demand.
The price per bottle (300 ml) is 1,490 yen (tax included) KURAND
You can purchase it from the online store "KURAND", but we are currently waiting for it to arrive due to its great popularity.
We expect the product to sell out quickly after restocking, so be sure to sign up for our " Notify me when new arrivals arrive" so you don't miss out!


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