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Don't lose to Summer Sonico! LJL 2023 Summer Split Finals" Photo Report!

サマソニに負けるな!「LJL 2023 Summer Split Finals」会場フォトレポート!

The League of Legends Japan League (hereinafter referred to as "LJL"), a professional League of Legends (hereinafter referred to as "LoL") league in Japan organized by Raiatto Games, LLC, returned to Makuhari Messe! In this issue, we will report on the " LJL 2023 Summer Split Finals " held at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall on August 20 (Sun.), 2023, in the form of a photo report!

Don't lose to Summer Sonico!

Held next to Samasoni
Saiga NAK

The day of the "LJL 2023 Summer Split Finals" coincided with the second day of "Summer Sonic 2023," one of Japan's largest music festivals. Many people wearing T-shirts of bands and festivals crowded Makuhari Messe.

There was a huge line waiting to get in


Saiga NAK

But LJL was not to be outdone! "What's this line?" We entered the venue to the gaze of Summer Soni visitors!

Back at Makuhari Messe
Saiga NAK

It's been six years since LJL was held offline at Makuhari Messe. In an hour, this venue will be filled to the brim.

ファンアートコンテストSaiga NAK

The venue will be filled with fan art contest exhibits as well as...

応援チアボードエリアSaiga NAK

Cheerleading cheerleading board area

LJL×G-Tuneの会場限定プレゼントキャンペーンSaiga NAK

LJL x G-Tune's venue-exclusive gift campaign

"スナップ&グラブ"フォトブースSaiga NAK

Photo booth with limited stickers

Steelcase体験Saiga NAK

Many booths will be exhibited, including a Steelcase experience event by LJL's official supplier!

Steelcase will be there for the first time since EVO JAPAN 2023.

【EVO Japan 2023】全人類に向けた最強の椅子を体験!Steelcase(スチールケース)ブースレポート
物販ブースの行列Saiga NAK

The most popular booth of all was the merchandise booth. The line for the booth was ridiculously long, and some items were already sold out. Even if you are indoors, don't forget to take precautions against heat stroke!

Saiga NAK

Ceremony by Mr. Taketo, Rena Kiyokawa, EYES, and Recruit prior to the start of the event.

会場限定トレーディングカードSaiga NAK

Among the many goods, the venue's limited-edition trading cards were especially noteworthy.

Aria選手のキラカードSaiga NAK

The cards include a random selection of players and coaches participating in the LJL, and Mr. Taketo drew Aria, a DFM player.

Vsta選手Saiga NAK

Trading cards are available for purchase at the merchandising corner, and one is distributed to all visitors. The author got SHG's Vsta player, who is expected to be active today!

応援タオルSaiga NAK

T-shirts and cheering towels filled with famous scenes from the LJL over the past 10 years are also featured. The festive atmosphere can be felt very clearly.

This is my report from the venue! For more information on the "STREAMER SHOWMATCH" exhibition held before the finals, please look forward to the next article!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

34695サマソニに負けるな!「LJL 2023 Summer Split Finals」会場フォトレポート!
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