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"One Shizuoka Online Derby #3 Uiile Showdown", an esports tournament hosted by "One Shizuoka Project"! "Will be held!

「One Shizuoka Project」主催のeスポーツ大会「One Shizuoka Online Derby #3 ウイイレ対決!」が開催決定!

One Shizuoka Project " is an activity based on the theme of " What we can do for Shizuoka now ".
One Shizuoka Project" players wanted to create an opportunity to interact online with fans and supporters who are unable to attend games or practice sessions. Showdown! The players will hold an e-sports tournament called "One Shizuoka Online Derby #3 UIRE Face-Off!

Overview of the "One Shizuoka Online Derby #3: UIRE Showdown! Overview of the "One Shizuoka Online Derby #3 UIRE Showdown!

The "One Shizuoka Online Derby #3 UIRE Showdown! is an e-sports tournament sponsored by the One Shizuoka Project, a project of the four J-League clubs in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Using " Winning Eleven 2020 " for PS4, one representative player from each club and one participant will be paired up to play a total of four matches in a four-team tournament format ( two semifinals, a third-place game, and the final).
The matches will be broadcast live on the "One Shizuoka Project" YouTube channel.
The live streaming will be from Shizuoka City, but players representing each club will be able to participate remotely from their homes.
Even though the state of emergency has been lifted, we still cannot let down our guard, so it will be a relief to be able to participate from home.

Date and Time

The event will be held on Saturday, May 30, 2020, from 17:00 to 21:00.

Eligibility for Participation

Participants in this event are limited to those who live in Shizuoka Prefecture.
In addition, participants must be able to play Winning Eleven 2020 (PS4 version) online at home and be willing to play "Winning Eleven" together with the players.

Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to participate will be able to do so this time, but there is a good chance that they will be able to participate in future events.
Even if you are not eligible to participate, you can make the tournament more exciting as a viewer, so let's make it a fun event for both participants and viewers!
Also, you can get a taste of the atmosphere of the event by watching the live broadcast this time, so you may consider whether to participate in the next and subsequent events after watching it once.
Check out the One Shizuoka Project's YouTube channel for the archives of this and previous events!

How to Participate

To participate, follow and retweet the official "One Shizuoka Project" Twitter account.
You can also apply for the project by following and retweeting the official "One Shizuoka Project" Twitter account, or by posting a message with the hashtags " #WiiEle ", " #Team you want to join " and " #What you can do for Shizuoka ".
The participants will be selected by lottery, with 1 to 2 people from each team (4 to 8 people in total) chosen from those who can come to the distribution center in Shizuoka City.
The winners will be notified by message from the management at a later date, so be sure not to forget to check back.
For the convenience of the tournament management, about 2 people will be asked to come to the distribution center, so please confirm in advance whether you can go to the distribution center in Shizuoka City.

Let's unite Shizuoka with the power of sports!

As the project name "One Shizuoka Project: Bringing Shizuoka together through the power of sports" suggests, this e-sports tournament is an event where everyone, regardless of whether you are a participant or a viewer, can come together as one and have fun! Let's make this a fun event!
Please check the official "One Shizuoka Project" Twitter account for more information on the tournament and future events.
One Shizuoka Project" is also holding a crowdfunding campaign until May 29, 2020 under the title of "#What you can do in Shizuoka now" to support supporters, sponsors, and local residents who support the soccer players. Shizuoka Project" is holding a crowdfunding campaign until May 29, 2020.
If you are interested, please visit #What you can do for Shizuoka now|Prefectural J-Club Players Association Project to learn more about the crowdfunding project and to support it.


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