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"RAGE Shadowverse Pro League 21-22", a professional league with a total prize pool of 24 million yen, will be held

賞金総額2,400万円のプロリーグ「RAGE Shadowverse Pro League 21-22」の開催が決定

RAGE, one of the largest e-sports events in Japan run by CyberZ, Avex Entertainment, Inc. and TV Asahi, announced the "RAGE Shadowverse Pro League 21-22", a full-scale smartphone e-sports tournament by Cygames. RAGE Shadowverse Pro League 21-22 ", the largest e-sports event in Japan, will consist of two seasons and a league championship.

Consisting of two seasons and a league championship

RAGE Shadowverse Pro League 21-22
RAGE Shadowverse Pro League 21-22

The "RAGE Shadowverse Pro League 21-22" is an e-sports professional league for "Shadowverse" that will consist of two seasons: the first season will start on Sunday, May 30, 2021, and the second season will start in October 2021. Shadowverse" e-sports professional league.
The winner of each season will compete in the league championship scheduled to be held in February 2022, and the winner will become the annual champion of the "RAGE Shadowverse Pro League 21-22".
The total prize money is 24 million yen, and the annual champion of the League Championship will receive 10 million yen.
The first place winner for each season will receive 4 million yen, the second place winner 2 million yen, and the third place winner 1 million yen.
In conjunction with the announcement of the event, all eight participating teams were also announced.



AXIZ, as a team affiliated with a TV station and the 19-20 season champion, will be responsible for conveying the charm and excitement of this league.
Team members : Rob, Gemo, Rumoi, Chino

AU Detonation

au デトネーション
au Detonation

A top-level professional e-sports team in Japan that has participated in world tournaments.
The team's brand power includes FPS (CoD), MOBA (LoL, Vainglory), TPS (Splatoon 2, PUBG), fighting games (Street Fighter), competitive action (Super Smash Bros.), and online card games (Shadowverse, Hearthstone). Hearthstone) and other online card games (Shadowverse, Hearthstone).
Team members : Spicies, Mill, cross7224, Yuri

NTT-WEST Liberent

NTT-WEST リバレント
NTT-WEST Reverent

This team is led by the 2018 World Champion "Fugu," and includes a number of talented players who have won official tournaments.
The team has newly teamed up with NTT West and will be aiming for the annual championship as NTT-WEST Liberalent.
Team members : Surre, feg, keisuke3

G x G


On December 26, 2018, the anniversary of the founding of the Yomiuri Giants, Yomiuri Shimbun, Inc.
G×G" (GAMING TEAM×Tokyo), a professional e-sports team utilizing the "GIANTS" brand.
(GAMING TEAM×TOKYO GIANTS), a professional e-sports team utilizing the "GIANTS" brand.
Team members : Forrest, Chami, Riowh, Rigze, Takumi, Tabata

Nagoya OJA Baby Star

名古屋OJA ベビースター
Nagoya OJA Baby Star

Nagoya OJA Baby Star is a professional sports club from Nagoya, whose philosophy is to "Energize Nagoya", "Energize Japan", and "Create a friendly society".
Team members : Masaya, Hayato, Sani, Kazuma, Nono-san, Mattu


福岡ソフトバンクホークス ゲーミング
Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Gaming

The FUKUOKA SOFTBANK HAWKS, through its participation in the e-sports professional league, aims to further promote e-sports and become the "World's No. 1 Entertainment Company" beyond the boundaries of a professional baseball team.
Team members : Atom, MURA, Kayu, Heyimu, Oya, Ace

Yokohama F. Marinos

Yokohama F. Marinos

The e-sports team of Yokohama F. Marinos, a J. League soccer team, will bring all the know-how and winning mentality cultivated in the world of professional soccer over 25 years since the opening of the J. League in 1993.
Team members : Agunomu, Mizuse, Shiman, Mizuni, Vasa, Kaoru



Together with Sapporo Beer, our official partner, we are working to promote e-sports, in which everyone can compete on the same field, and to provide more people with opportunities to experience sports.
Team members : pazuu, Tatsuno, Maharu, Ryu

Combination draw will be held on May 20

The 1st season of the "RAGE Shadowverse Pro League 21-22" will start on Sunday, May 30, 2021, and the draw for the tournament and team introductions will be held on Thursday, May 20, 2021, at 20: 00 in the " Magical Shadowverse". The lottery and team introductions will be broadcast on "Magical Shadowverse"" on May 20, 2021 at 20:00.
The two MCs, comedy duo " Magical Lovely" and assistant Mao Mita, will introduce the teams and the draw for the matchups.
The broadcast will be aired on the Shadowverse Channel on YouTube and on the OPENREC.tv channel of Magical Shadowverse.
Don't miss the broadcast as the 10-month-long Pro League gets underway.
For more information on the "RAGE Shadowverse Pro League 21-22," visit the official RAGE website.


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