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Mario and Pokémon are coming to Universal Studios Japan! An in-depth look at the highlights of Universal Studios Japan in the fall!


Universal Studios Japan (hereinafter referred to as "USJ") will be offering many contents to experience the world of Pokémon andMario in the fall of 2023! Be sure to check out the parades, areas, and stage shows to get your body moving, meet ghost-type Pokémon at special meet and greets, and enjoy all the fun that is only available in the fall at USJ!

「JCB presents ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパン ハロウィーン貸切キャンペーン 2024」9月16日(土)より開催!

"NO LIMIT!" parade is underway!


Mario and Pokemon are participating in the "NO LIMIT! Parade" for the first time as floats in the parade, which will be held in the spring of 2023. During the "Super NO LIMIT! Time" when the float stops in the middle of the parade, Mario and other park friends and entertainers will dance with guests!

An indispensable part of parade participation is the merchandise you wear. Whether it's the Mario Kart float or the Pokemon float, there are plenty of goods to enhance the festive atmosphere of the parade! Wear them and appeal to the characters and entertainers, and they may give you a response!

Parade Merchandise Lineup

Face Towel


Bubble wands, neck straps, cuddly plush toys




Bubble wand, neck strap, cuddly plush toy


Enter the world of Mario in the "Super Nintendo World!


In addition to dancing in the parade, you can also jump and hit the HATENABLOCK in the "Super Nintendo World" area, or use your whole body to compete with Clibo and PUNKEN FLOWER in the "Key Challenge". There are many physically active activities waiting for you! After a good workout, you can relax and enjoy delicious sweets at the Kinopio Café or take in the scenery at Yoshi's Adventure. If you want to play more! If you want more fun, why not challenge Mario and his friends to a race in "Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge"?


New original goods are regularly added to the "One-Up Factory" and "Mario Motors" stores in the Super Nintendo World. New goods are available every time you visit the shops. After collecting stamps and coins, you can always find new goods in the store!

The "Pokemon Jumpin' Halloween Party" is underway!

From Thursday, September 7 to Sunday, November 5, 2023, "Halloween Party" will be held in the park during the noon program of the Halloween season! Halloween Party" will be held at various locations throughout the park. DJ Pikachu and DJ Gengar will appear at Gramercy Park and welcome guests with their flashy music. Muma, Jupetta, Mimikyu, and other "ghost-type" Pokémon will also join the stage show, and the DJ's uplifting music will bring a lot of excitement! Dance and jump with the Pokémon to the music and join in the fun!

ハハハ! ハロウィーン・パーティ任天堂公式サイト

During the "Ha ha ha! During the "Halloween Party," the park will also hold a "Pokemon Charge Up! Halloween Greetings" will also be held in the park during the "Halloween Party. This is a chance to take pictures with Pokémon who are performing on stage! After the meet and greet, you may get a special wristband to liven up your Halloween party.


This fall, USJ will once again offer a wide variety of content to experience the world of video games! There are parades, area experiences, shows, and other physically active content. Be sure to visit USJ to find the fun that is only available this time of year! For more information, please check Nintendo official website or USJ official website.


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