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Amateur's highest esports tournament 2nd YUBIWAZA CUP "Puyo Puyo ESports" Tournament Report!

アマチュア最高峰のeスポーツ大会第2回YUBIWAZA CUP「ぷよぷよeスポーツ」大会レポート!

We have been reporting on the 2nd YUBIWAZA CUP, the highest amateur e-sports tournament, and have been reporting on the competitions and booths since a few days ago, and this time we report on the "Puyopuyo eSports" tournament!

Preliminary Round of "Puyopuyo Puyo eSports

Puyopuyo eSports" Preliminary Round
Saiga NAK

A preliminary tournament was held to select the top 8 from A to H.
Puyopuyo is a simple game, but it is very deep and can be a psychological game as players try to read each other's moves ahead of time.

I was drawn into the game just by following the rapid succession of Puyos as the battles began in each block, trying to catch the flow of the game as I deployed my own techniques.

Some players were able to counter counters with counters, while others were unable to catch up and were taken seriously, and the frustration of those who couldn't catch up was palpable.

In Puyopuyo, it is important to use your quick thinking, but the element of luck is also involved, which makes it difficult. There were many times when I was on the edge of my seat because I could see that the players were planning their strategies.

The Top 8 players were Sera, Callum Shisho, Shiyota, Yoshiken, Yoshi, reoru, Titan, and KENROU, who will advance to the next tournament.

Puyopuyo eSports" Main Tournament

Preliminary Round of "Puyopuyo eSports
Saiga NAK

The Puyopuyo finals began with a call from the MC, and the players were introduced and entered.

After a few words of enthusiasm before the fight, Karamushisho was unable to take advantage of Sera's technique and speed, and was defeated by a counter attack.

As a result, Sera advanced to the semifinals.

Next was the battle between Shiyota and Yoshiken. Yoshiken was the first to get a set, but Shyota also got a set later.
It was a heated battle with evenly matched players, but in the end, Yoshiken took the initiative and won the game to a round of applause.

Next was the battle between Yoshi and reoru. In this match, both players were counter-attacking, and it was a very exciting battle to watch, but in the end, Yoshi was able to cut back and win the game.

After that, Titan and KENROU continued to fight each other in an unyielding battle, countering and counter-attacking to find an opening for their opponents. In the end, Titan won the semifinal match with an impressive victory.

Then came the semifinals. First, Sera and Yoshiken played a matchup, in which Yoshiken got the first set in motion. Sera tried to fight back, but he was too late, and Yoshiken won to advance to the final.

Next was the battle between Yoshi and Titan. Yoshi was able to take advantage of Titan's technique of placing Puyos while thinking of a strategy to catch the flow of the game, and Titan was able to take the lead.

After a fierce battle, the player who advanced to the final game was Titan, who changed his fighting style midway through the game and changed the flow of the game.

Finally, the final match!

The final game began, and we were excited to see what kind of battle would ensue.

Puyopuyo eSports" Final
Saiga NAK

Yoshiken and Titan both gave a few words about their thoughts on the final match and challenged each other to a fight.

Puyo Puyo eSports" Final
Saiga NAK

While both players were showing the same moves and layouts, it was Titan who was the first to make a move. While both players showed similar types of strategies, Titan got the first move early.

Puyo Puyo eSports" Final
Saiga NAK

Yoshiken also showed an electric victory, but was unable to resist Titan's attack, and as a result, Titan took the glory of victory.

Puyo Puyo eSports" Final
Saiga NAK

Titan had lost at the National Championships, but he used that as a springboard to victory. In his final comment, he expressed his gratitude to those who had fought him, and the audience gave him a round of applause to praise their mutual battle.

Written by Hiroaki Murata
URL: https://www.pakutaso.com/web_murata.html
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cordetripleface/
Instagram: h ttps://www.instagram.com/tripleface/

▼Photo by YAT
URL: https: //wp.yat-net.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yat8823jp/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yat8823jp/


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