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Average age 65 years old or older! Akita's esports senior professional team "Matagi Snipers" is now in full swing!


The author, who played the Famicom (NES) with great enthusiasm back then, is now of the generation of around 40. Time flies.
The adults who played the Famicom back then are now old enough to be called seniors.
Unlike a decade ago, games have changed from being something for children to entertainment for all generations, and since they involve a lot of finger, eye, and brain movement, they are now considered to be good for preventing dementia.
The first professional senior e-sports team in Japan, the Matagi Snipers, was born in Akita Prefecture with an average age of over 65 years old.
It is still fresh in our minds that we introduced them on Saiga NAK.
Matagi Snipers" was born in June 2021 and had been recruiting members until the end of August 2021, and now they have finally started their activities in earnest!


Practice with Razer devices!

Matagi Snipers.

Matagi Snipers", a senior professional e-sports team with an average age of over 65, will start full-fledged operations in Akita Prefecture on September 21, 2021 (Tuesday )!
The team "Black Bear " has already started practicing, and they are using the familiar green-colored devices that gamers are used to seeing.
The Matagi Snipers are supported by GRAPHT(@TeamGRAPHT), a project that encourages players who love to play games, to use high-performance Razer products!

Matagi Snipers

The project supports the gaming headset " Kraken ", the gaming keyboard " Cynosa Chroma ", the gaming mouse " Deathadder Elite ", the gaming mousepad " GoliathusSpeed Cosmic Edition " and many other high-performance devices. The high-end Iskul gaming chair is also visible.
Good play is only possible with good devices, and the "Matagisnipers" are likely to grow rapidly if they start using Razer products from the very beginning!
And since they are practicing so seriously that they are even taking notes, I'm sure they will be a big topic of conversation in the near future.


The official "Matagi Snipers" website has been updated and an official Twitter account (@MATAGI_Snipers) has been opened to coincide with the full-scale launch of the project.
The "LINKS" section of the official site says "coming soon.... You may have a chance to watch their practice sessions and participation in tournaments from outside of the prefecture!
Let's look forward to seeing what they have in store for us!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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